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How to Split Letrozole Tabs

Hey, I’m on week 3 of my first cycle (test E alone)

I dont think its gyno im noticing as I had that in school theres no sore lump under my nipples they just feel a little pointier than usual it’s more than likely in my head I’m only pinning 600mg of test E once a week and I’m a tall guy 6 5

I’ve read under a gram I wont need an AI but my body is reacting stupidly well to this test my strength has gone through the roof and my sessions have gone from 45m to 1 hour 30 my long extremeties are low body fat but my belly is probably like 15-20% lol

Thought I should do a small dose of AI just in case, I get them out of the cupboard and they are 2.5s, recommended does is 0.25, they’re so small how am I suppose to split this into 10 pieces? I can chip a bit off so I have something rather than nothing?

600mg of test is going to be a E2/gyno problem to some degree for the majority of people.
Letrozole is going to be a massive overkill at this stage, and will probably totally crush a healthy level of E2.
Re splitting tabs: I haven’t seen the pills, but even with larger pills/tablets the best you will do is a quarter split. Potentially you would need to crush the tab, weigh out a tenth of that to get a dose. You would need some really sensitive scales to get accuracy so I don’t know how practical that would actually be, to do.
Many guys use liquid research chemicals, which makes it a bit easier to do.

I personally don’t like even the relatively milder AI like Arimidex, they still crush E2 if you don’t dial it in perfectly(not quick or easy to do)

I bet all your problems will go away with 10-20mg/day of nolvadex on cycle. It reduces the body’s ability to process the estrogen, but doesn’t totally get rid of it like an AI.

I would nolva before even thinking of using any AI. Letrozole is the nuclear option, a last resort.

Crush pill up. Add 1ml of vodka. Mix thoroughly. You now have a solution whereby you can dose in much smaller increments.

I wouldn’t without any real high e2 symptoms. You’re far above the “no AI needed” threshold but some guys just handle high doses better.

As for Letro, can you get literally anything else lol. It’s very strong and very hard to split doses up.

Thank you guys
I literally saw the different estrogen blockers and thought they were just different chemicals that did the same thing I didn’t really know the difference trying to ask NHS doctors about it has been annoying because all I get is “dont do it”

Yes I can get some nolva the options are 20mg pills or pharma I think I’ll need to look into what the differences are, £35 + £10 deliver I guess that beats the cost of possible gyno surgery

I literally chipped off the tiniest bit of dust from that ai and it send me really light headed even with a full stomach

Yeah, don’t do this. The pill is 2.5mg of API. If you weighed it out I would bet the total would be much more than 2.5mg, which means Xmgs of filler are in there. By haphazardly chipping away at it you have no clue if you’re getting all filler, all API, or a perfectly balanced blend of both. It’s the most inexact way to dose a very powerful drug.

I definitely learnt my lesson,
The whole time I have been on test I have felt incredible, happy, full of energy with beast workouts
I took letro and ever since I have been an emotional wreck, I feel horrible. literally forcing myself to the gym and having crap workouts, I have had very bad depression before this feels the same but with joint pain combined when my partner has heavy periods even she isnt this moody

Crush a pill. Add 1l of vodka. Split that in 10 parts and you have an excuse to be drunk every day :smiley:

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