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How to Split Coated Aromasin?

Got the aromasin today,but the damn pills are tiny coated 25mg,impossible to cut and dose to 6,25mg twice a week. any suggestions how to split this with alcohol? read some on it somewhere.

If it were me, I would get a paper towel moist and rub the pill gently until the coating came off (if possible). then take the powder/pill and dissolve in 1ml of Vodka. Then dose accordingly. .25ml would be 6.25mg Aromasin.

ill try that,thanks ag.

If for some reason you cant get the coating off, I would just pulverize it and do the same thing.

this coating is the actually pill,the coat and the pill is not to be separated,its one part. I put a pill in a coffemug,then crushes it with the bottom of a glass that fits inside the coffemug,this way i dont spill anything.

That’s good to know. Yea then just pulverize it really well then add it to the ML of vodka.

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