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How to Spice Up Your Scrambled Eggs?


I was wondering if yall put anything (besides cheese) on your scrambled eggs. Right now, I am just using salt and pepper. I tried chili powder the other day. I also like tobasco. Anyone have any interesting (yet simple) ways to dress up your scrambled eggs?


Tabasco/Texas Pete is always a good start, I've always liked the taste of scrambled eggs with some seasoning salt on them, hell even the occasional salsa or even peppers or onions does wonders with em. Those last two definitely take em up a notch


Franks Hot Sauce. END OF THREAD!


Not really a spice, but I like to add shallots.

My friend always adds soy sauce in his. I don't fancy it but you might.


a shit load of garlic and tapatio hot sauce. i chop up a huge handfull of baby leaf spinach and add that as i turn the burner off and fold for awhile to give the spinach a slight cooking. and presto.... a decently healthy breakfast.


2 tablespoons of salsa usually has 15-20 calories and makes eggs taste great if mixed in. Although they purely aren't clean calories, they are almost negligible.


Whats "unclean" about tomatoes, water, onions, peppers, salt, vinegar, citric acid and garlic powder?

to the OP: try different veggies, ketchup, salsa, different cheeses (pepper jack etc.) wrapping them up in a low carb tortilla works well too.


pico de to gallo...your preferred flavor of Mrs.Dash..low fat cheese.....ricotta cheese with strawberries.

Be creative and see what you like and don't like.


Try not scrambling them.

I ate scrambled eggs for years and got sick of them. Now I just crack them open and straight into the pan already sprayed with pam, cover, cook on medium heat for 5 minutes. This also gives me time to heat up the chicken sausages I have with my eggs.


Oh, it's not that salsa is inherently bad, its just that many of the top brands add extra sugar into the mix. Aside from that, salsa is great.





Cook them in butter.

Add chopped veggies, my favorite is a fine dice of red bell pepper.



How about tomatoes, onions and peppers.


Seasoning Salt is great. Add it after you cook'm.

pepperoni is great too.

thick cut bacon.

eating them off a pair of D's :slightly_smiling: (wtf?)


Pancetta, red onion, bell peppers and mushrooms. Lawry's garlic salt (the best brand, honestly) if you want it garlicky.

Or mix up some chorizo and have refried black beans with some Oaxaca cheese melted in and served on the side: fucking bliss.

Queso Asadero if you can find it, else sola Oaxaca.


can of crab meat or can of tuna fish


I do not like this in my eggs, but a suggestion is to use onions and capsicum..

Some people like the taste, I personally do not, however you may quite well enjoy it

Enjoy the eggs.

I have mine plain, cause I like them that way :slightly_smiling:

  • milk
    -chiptole tomatoes
    -goat cheese
    -canadian bacon
    -slap ya momma seasoning (from LA;I find it in Houston)
    -shallots are cool
    -ground meat
    -bacon bits

Should I keep going?
-beef jerkey
I recommend beans only out of the last 4.


I usually chop up a red, yellow, and green peppers (three total), along with an onion and a baked potato. I keep them in a tupperware container in my fridge and scoop out a few spoonfuls into some butter, fry it up, then add sugar-cured ham and some cheese (guierre, white cheddar, or havarti), then add eggs (10+ or you're a pussy).

Also I'm on a mango/coconut/red-onion salsa kick, which makes the most bad-ass breakfast burritos ever!


I'm in with the salsa crowd.

Pace Picante' sause to be exact....