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How to Speedbench

So, tell me, how to perform a correct repetition when speed benching? (exactly)

Should I:

  1. Grab the bar and snatch it to my chest and push it away instantly when thouching my chest, (guess shortest time for a rep)

2.Lower the bar with good form and push it back up(technique is better trainied with this style)

3.Lower the bar controlled, pause on the Chrest and explode up(greater fiber activation, when I remember correctly)

Thanks folks for helping a newbie.

WSB speed benches with grips inside the rings, and they lower the bar as fast as possible and "catch it before it hits the chest and then explode it up. They say the three speed reps should take about as long as a meet BP, which is less than 4 seconds.

They use the top of the line shirt, so if you bp raw or single ply, you might need some wider speed work, but drop and catch with a wide grip is not so easy on the delt/pec tie in even with elbows tucked corectly. So lower your wide sets to a meet pause on the chest then blast it up. Catch and go your closer grips. The wide sets will take longer but when done with bands your pecs will thank you. Chains are easier on your body than bands. Don’t speed bp more than three weeks with bands before going straight weigth or chains. i alternate bands in and out. Learn to feel your lats working as you lower the bar.