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How to Speed-Up the Thigh-Brush


Hello all,

My best clean right now is 75kg, so according to the Russian theory, I should be able to do more off low blocks. However, today I barely managed to get my best clean and it felt harder than off the floor than from the low block with straps on.

I have pulled 120kg without strap and with a flat back, shoulders over the bar so I do know my first pull isn't my weakness.

Should I focus more on low hang cleans and/or cleans off the low blocks? What else can you suggest?



Well that depends... Are you training for a low hang clean competition or a clean off the low blocks competition or both??


i think you just broke my sarcasm detector..


Perhaps you would like to tell Zygmunt Smalcerz that he should stop training his lifters off the blocks? You may have to speak up over the clanging of all the WC, EWC and Olympic medals together from his Polish lifters.


You should take a video and post it for technique.

I think all those ratios are really for much more experienced lifters and even then they don't apply to all of them. I don't think you should worry about ratios right now...


I didn't mean to necessarily stop doing lifts off the blocks. I just meant that I wouldn't worry so much about the ratio thing. I suspect things like back to front squat ratio etc are fairly dependent on the training regime. I think of them more as descriptions of certain lifters than prescriptions of something one should aspire to.

I'm a huge fan of finding the weakness (for snatch, clean, jerk) and only really doing accessory work that is designed to bring up the weakness. So... Why can't you clean more? What feels like it is limiting your cleans? You said they felt heavy from the floor. Does that mean you are being pulled out of position before you get to second pull or... What does it mean? I think sometimes people get carried away worrying about accessory movements that aren't addressing their weakness.

But take that with however many grains of salt you need. I don't claim to be any good at this.