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How to solidify MAG-10 gains?

I have used MAG-10 with good success in the past but can’t seem to hang on to the gains for long. I have used M and Tribex as suggested but never hold the gains. What techniques have you guys used to maintain you gains?

Keep eating big for a couple weeks. Not as much as when on but above main. k/cals. Then atleast a few more at your new main. k/cals. Remember that u need to adjust main. K/cals after gains. That is what has worked for me. I am 1 month out of Mag 10 cycle and havent lost gains and have added more since. So it has worked for me. jst my $0.02.

  1. Recalculate maintenance calories based on your newly acquired LBM.
  2. Eat about 300 or so calories above maintenance. You cannot eat as much as when you were on.
  3. Up your dietary fat and lower your carbs. This assumes however, that you dropped fat, and upped carbs while on. Try to get approximately equals amounts of polys/monos/sats.
  4. Lower your training volume and train HEAVY. Something like Ripped, Rugged, and Dense would be a good idea.


do you still calculate maintenance calories as 15*LBM?

Do a search of previous issues for The Growth Surge Project.

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