How to Slow Down a Fast Metabolism to Bulk Up?

Help guys, I have a very fast body metabolism that has made me Lean.
And my pump after workout doesn’t last long,
My question is what supplements do I get to bulk up? due to work I don’t have so much time to eat so much but I still create time to do as much as I can, with the little time I have what supplement do I add to my diet.
A protein supplement or testosterone supplement ?

Whey with added 100g blended oats and a shot of olive oil.

You prob don’t have a fast metabolism, just don’t eat enough.


What is your height/weight? How many calories are you eating? What does a typical day look like?


As @sparkyo implied with his questions… there is simply not enough information provided. If you truly want help you have to take the time to specifically layout what your eating, training, stats are etc. If you don’t know or track these things that’s the first step and issue to figure out.

Do I need more protein or more calories?
A friend advised I buy a testosterone supplement is that a good idea…I wanna stay bulked amd pumped.

I’m the type they say eats alot but doest add weight.

Thanks for your reply…
First I eat quite alot(3x a day) and train at least 4 times a week.
I get my desired pump after working out, but it goes down after few hours.
I’m 6.3ft tall and I weigh 70kg

Don’t say you eat alot, actually eat alot. Have a real honest assessment, don’t cheat, don’t lie to yourself. Track cals for a few days eating just as you are now, don’t do a crazy day just to bump your numbers, a real honest tracking.

I did this years back when I thought I was eating a lot I couldn’t gain, I barely scraped 2000 cals. Sorted it and gained over 30lb in a short time.

Don’t buy test supplement.


There is not that much difference in metabolism among people with similar weight and height and daily activity.
Unless you have a legit disease, like hyperthyroidism, which would be easily treated with medicine, you probably just dont eat as much as needed.
If you ever in your daily life can bend over a bit, and you dont vomit in your mouth, you are not eating enough to gain weight, if you are a skinny fuck like me.

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“Do I need more protein or more calories?”

“A friend advised I buy a testosterone supplement is that a good idea?”
Buy steak/chicken/fish with that money.


Holy fuck. Eat more food. Lots of it.


This doesn’t answer this question

When asked these questions - it means in CALORIES or better yet MACROS, how much food do you eat on a typical day. How many meals it takes for you to get those numbers are irrelevant, mostly.

As others have said, you likely aren’t eating as much as you think, and you probably aren’t consuming anywhere near enough protein.

Post your daily calories/macros, training regimen, PR’s and perhaps even a couple photos if you actually want help. If you aren’t tracking your macros or training, you cannot definitively state that you have a fast metabolism.

Also, don’t buy a testosterone supplement. Protein powder does not count as a ‘supplement’, it is a dietary tool to help boost macros and/or stave off cravings.

You need to eat more. Period. This is not an issue that is solved through supplementation of any kind.

For people with relatively fast metabolisms, unless your 3 meals a day are HUGE, that’s just not that much.

I’m also very skinny naturally, and have a hard time adding bodyweight. When adding bodyweight is my goal, I eat 3 meals a day, but I snack a lot between meals with calorie-dense foods. Whole milk has always helped me gain weight. If you tolerate milk well, try drinking between half a gallon and a gallon every single day, along with 3 big meals. Come back here if that doesn’t put weight on you. I bet it will.


From the replies what I’ve gotten is for me to eat more often and track well(speaking of the calories and protein)
Also I do a 9-5 job, is why I don’t eat as much as you all are saying I should…but I try and will continue trying.

My final question is, which is most essential for me, Protein or calories?
I know they both important but which is most essential for my bulking up.

And what do I tell my friend, Testorone supplement is bad?

Thanks alot for your replies🙏

Get a jar of natural nut butter, keep it at your desk. Keep a spoon at your desk. At random intervals, take large spoonful.

Each spoonfull will likely have 150-200kcal, is not filling and takes 5 sec max to eat. It’s also not hard to keep a jar of PB at your desk. Eat 4-5/ day and you’re close to 1000 extra calories

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Almost everyone here works full time. Just prepare yourself to eat better - it is not a viable excuse to neglect nutrition with your goals though.

Your question is misplaced. You NEED protein, and you NEED calories to bulk up. Aim for 0.75g/lb to 1.0g/lb of bodyweight (1.7g/kg to 2.2g/kg) for protein. You will need excess calories in the range of 500cal over maintenance per day. Some people do better with high fat/low carb, others do better with high carb/low fat, and some do just fine with moderate carbs/fats; you will need to experiment with this to know how YOU respond.

Tell him whatever you want, but it is completely unnecessary any likely ineffective. Unless you have taken blood tests to measure values, and those values are below range, there is no need for you to do anything for your T levels.


Yeah but they’re mostly from fat. It seems all the advice is operating under the assumption he actually has a fast metabolism, when 99.99% he’s just not eating enough. No need to start piling on bad weight when he hasn’t established a good base from things like ground beef, chicken, rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, etc.


An old adage… if you can run, walk. If u can walk, stand. If you can stand, sit. If you can sit, lay down. Surefire way to slow down the metabolism

@jskrabac post 1 buddy


Dude 6’3 and 70kg, he is definitely undereating, and probably does have a high metabolism, I’d go out on a limb and say no calories are bad calories here, PB will be fine.

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Also, natural PB (no sugar or oil) is healthy. It becomes unhealthy if it contributes to excessive fat gain, which doesn’t seem to be OP’s problem

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