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How to Skip a Week ?

In the middle of a cycle, and a 6 day trip is coming up. There is No chance of carrying anything or sending it by mail.

Option I have thought about is a load-up just before leaving with cyp and then front load when back to continue, I know rollercoaster mayham , add some extra adex


What does your cycle look like now?

Test 700mg week
deca 120mg week

as of next monday

Test 700 mg week
winstrol 200 mg inj week
anavar 50 mg tabs/perday

4 weeks of the last three then into pct, trip will happen 3 week of june

With cyp its not a big deal in my opinion, sure its less than optimal, but its not going to be an actual problem.

Just inject a little extra right before you leave, like hours before.

I would probably think about taking the orals with me…put them in a vitamin bottle and bury them in the suitcase.

If nothing else I would DEFINITELY bring the adex with me, they aren’t going to check it, and even if they do, they aren’t going to know what that is.

I don’t see any need for a frontload when you get back as long as before you leave you inject the doses that you would have gotten throughout the week in one shot.

Sure its not optimal, but you are injecting 2 long acting esters so shouldn’t be a big deal. And as you said you could up the adex slightly if you are worried about more sides.

No need to add anything to that…