How to Setup a 1RM Peak Week?

Hi CT,
Question on how to set out a strength peak week for my 12th week after completing a Conjugate/Westside system style program.

You have previously indicated this set up:
‘On week 12 (which is a deload week) I would actually do a peak week doing submax workouts only on your big lifts on Monday and Wednesday then test your lifts on Friday and Sunday (2 lifts each day)’.

This set up looks great just a few questions:

  1. What should the submax work consist of as a guide? Using weight 80-85% for 3 x 1?

  2. Bench Press and Back Squat were my two main lifts but I also used the Military Press and Deadlift from Pins as my secondary movements as well. Would I be best say for Upper Body Max/1RM day to do Bench Press 1RM and Military Press 1RM or should I do Bench Press 1RM than drop weight down and look to hit a Bench Press 8-10RM instead of the Military Press 1RM? Same with Lower Body day?

Thanks fro the help,

Wit powerlifters, I have them working up to their opener on Monday and then do 3 x 2 of their opener on Wednesday.

The opener is normally a weight you can get 2-3 reps with, so 90-92% would be fine.

Honestly, both can be done. I personally prefer to test the other lifts for a 1RM too.

Thanks CT.

So how would the week look like then. Ive come up with this:

  1. Squat- Ramp up to 1 rep of 90-92% (opener weight)
  2. Bench Press- Ramp up to 1 rep of 90-92% (opener weight)
  3. Deadlift from Pins- Ramp up to 1 rep of 90-92% (opener weight)
  4. Military Press- Ramp up to 1 rep of 90-92% (opener weight)


  1. Squat- 3 x 2 (opener weight)
  2. Bench Press- 3 x 2 (opener weight)
  3. Deadlift from Pins- 3 x 2 (opener weight)
  4. Military Press- 3 x 2 (opener weight)


  1. Bench Press- 1RM
  2. Deadlift from Pins- 1RM


  1. Squat: 1RM
  2. Military Press: 1RM

This a good template? For Friday and Sunday 1RM days, is the exercise selection work well?

Hi CT,
Taking your advice I’ve given myself an extra day off between hitting my second day of 1RM testing so I’m recovered and at my optimal.

This means I finish my peak week on Sunday, than planning to take the next week off. I was planning to start a new program the following Sunday, so;

  1. Given that I’m finishing up my peak week on Sunday, is 6 days rest adequate before I start my new program the following Sunday?

Thanks for the help,