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How to Set Up Program Using 5/3/1 2nd Edition and Beyond 5/3/1?


I’ve read ‘5/3/1 2nd edition’ and ‘beyond 5/3/1’ a couple of times over the last week and I think I have a plan in mind. 2nd edition has some ‘assistance work’ templates I would like to try - dave tates periodisation and SST. Beyond has some 5/3/1 variations that look cool - pyramids and FSL.

So my question is this - does Jim recommend mixing across the books? Is it advisable or not to do, for example,

  • the 5/3/1 work sets
  • pyramid down sets for max reps
  • follow up with the SST assistance template

As I type it out it doesn’t seem as though there should be any issue with that. It’s essentially just the SST program with pyramid sets.


Who can keep up with all the recommendations? Use common sense.

Sorry I don’t get it. Why click into a link that is clearly about to ask a question about programming and therefore is from somebody who hasn’t done 5/3/1 before (and could be totally new to lifting and therefore not have training “common sense”) and offer that response? It’s like you’re just clicking into questions just to see whether you can be a turd to someone.

If you get offended by questions then don’t open up people’s questions.

I didn’t mean to get ya all butthurt. Just saying there are alot of little details. You can’t remember every little sentence in those books. At least I can’t. Run one template exactly as written. Or use common sense or at least trial and error. The answer for one person is gonna be different from the answer for another


And on a side note in my opinion that looks fine but that depends on your age, training age, recovery and the way you structure that into your training week.

I’d have to agree with Tim here on the common sense part. I think if you truly understood the philosophy behind 5/3/1, you’d know which things are a must and which have more leeway

That makes sense. However, if I were an expert on the philosophies of 5/3/1 I wouldn’t be posting in this forum asking for advice. Which brings me back to my previous comment that why open a thread to give that kind of fairly useless response other than to make yourself feel superior to us cretins that haven’t done 5/3/1 before?

Next time a client asks me an accounting question I’ll reply with “if you were an expert in the field you would know the answer” - lets see how far that kind of response gets you in real life.

Thanks Tim

I probably wouldn’t do pyraminds and SST but you can see how you respond.

I’m not saying you have to be an expert (I’m not an expert on 5/3/1 either to be completely honest), nor should you NOT ask, which is exactly the point of the forums. Anyway, you can always experiment with the add ons (the things that have more leeway) as long as you keep the important stuff (the main 5/3/1 progression sets). That’s all I was trying to say. Anyway, good luck!

Ok - I see what you mean this time.
Perhaps I got out of the wrong side of bed this morning.

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