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How to Set Up Frequent Training


hi all..new guy here

just hoping somebody could help me setting up a program with frequent lifts ala eastern bloc training...i was thinking on squatting and deadlifting twice a week and benching maybe three times a week with no assistance at all...just need some help with the percentages and all that stuff....any comment would help..by the way i lift raw..with close stance squat and dead if that helps

thanks in advance


if you only bench you may or probably will develop caveman syndrome...rounded foward shoulders..you alway have to work antagonist muscles

as for frequent...GTG seems right for you...just find a way to regulate the volume...and increase when your work capacity improves

hope that helps


watch your deadlifts, if your going heavy its easy to strain your back then you wont want to work anything. If you plan on doing chest three times a week consider different workouts not just bench. dumbell press flat, incline and dumbell or cable flies.


A good program I have seen, involved lifting 3 times per week, benching a three times, and alternating between the squat and deadlift on each workout. As for reps/sets, you coud try starting working with a weight you can do for 5, then do a bunch of back off sets, and the next workout raise the weight, until you can not do your main set for three reps, at which point you cycle the weight back. Also, throw in some injury preventitive/postural exercises at the end.


Definitely regulate the volume and intensity of each workout. Have one day in which you go fairly light. For example, several sets of 1 with your 3 rep max and work on techniuque. Avoid training to failure as well.

Mike Mahler


Check out this article by CT, should be exactly what you are looking for.

Different Destinations, Different Journeys
Get Functional, Get Structural, Get Started!
by Christian Thibaudeau



you?re right guys...i think i should include some bent rows...i?m actually finishing the russian 3 lift peaking cycle and would like to keep the powerlifts frequent....i am doing bent rows after deads right now and i think i should keep them.


I would keep the bent over rows in.

Mike Mahler


Read super beast by CT: http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/270super2.html

And read: http://www.t-mag.com/articles/213russ.html

Then read: http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/240bic.jsp

All the above article are about Russian methods you?d be wise to read them comrade.


could anyone help me with the GTG way of training? .. have doubts on how to gear it towards powerlifting...
please excuse my stupidity...
ill look at the articles you linked too..thanks


ok guys i got an idea...

this is how i would train:
mon,wed fri
benching the three days...monday for singles with an aproximate to a 3rm weight maybe a little less than a 3rm...i still dont know the number of sets...5?..more?...less?
wednesday maybe go lighter like some sort of speed day...6-8x2@50-60%1rm
then friday triples with an aproximate to a 5rm or 6rm weight
then i would alternate squats and deads each training day id apply the singles and triples like i did on the bench for example
moday squats for singles...wed deads for triples...fri squats for triples then next monday deads for singles and so on....
and i would keep the bent rows or some kind of row every day for a few sets without going to failure..maybe 2x5 each day...

what do you guys think?...your input will be very appreciated and sorry for the long post....

thanks in adavance


Your program looks good. I would recommend you work out the particularities by feel, and adjust it as your schedule dictates (do maybe 8 heavy singles now, and then, if you start feeling drained cut back, cut back more if you are not getting enough sleep, and then really push it when things are going well). One of the things i really like about programs like yours is the adaptability of it to circumstances. Also, I would not do the bent rows on the day before you deadlift, as that may compromise your strength for the deadlift.


youre right ...it would affect my strength in the DL and my grip strength too....ok i?ll skip the rows the day before deads...then ill base my training volume by listenining to my body...im moving soon due to a new job so i think i will have to keep the volume relatively low on each training session for a little while...