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How to Set a USAPL American Record?


Hey guys here's another question for you, how do you get the record qualified because I'm 15 and in the 242 weight class so the record is 545 which I know I can get


You need to lift in a USAPL meet with National Judges on hand. You also might have to pee in a cup, not sure about how they do that with minors, though.

And I don't believe for one second unless you have some video that you can easily bench 545 single ply at 15 years old.


The 545 is a deadlift record. Had to check since he didn't say:


I would still really like to see video of this easy 550 deadlift.


Yea I know it sounds like I'm making this up but yesterday I got 525 by 2 with a z suit on i'll take a video of either my training or next meet which jan 24 and will a state meet have a national judge or do I have to fly somewhere, I live in Wisconsin


You can set American Records at the state meet, but you will need to weight in no more than two hours prior to lifting, have three national level or higher judges in the chair and if it is an open record you will have to be drug tested for it to count.


Woooops, silly me.


At my last meet i got 510 anyone who wants to see the results pm me i'll show you the website. But i asked my coach about going to the state open meet and he shot it down but i guess i could go to a meet the week before and then just deadlift at the next meet. But could i set it at the state open meet or do i have to wait till the state meet.



For the record to count you must compete in all three and post a total.


Thanks for the help, so i guess i will just do it at my state meet in march


A video would still be cool. Thats a strong lift at 15...


Alright thursday is my next deadlift day ill try and bring a camera to school


This may sound like incredibly obvious advice, but make sure you do the meet before you hit 16 :slight_smile:


yea i know thats why i asked my coach if i could go to the state open meet but he did not like the idea. But the state meet is before my birthday, my actual is to set the 14-15 year old record of deadlift at the state meet and then set the 16-17 year old record at nationals when i will 16


Guys i just got 525 by 2 for squat to in a centurion(great suit could not get down on 450) but i am hopefully taking a video on thursday if all works out




USAPL doesn't have deadlift only?


alright guys my dad told me i could not bring the video camera to school so it will be on jan 24 that i get the videos(south milwaukee meet). The way you know im telling the truth is today my bench was 235 with pause but USAPl does not have deadlift only i think


Well just do a full meet and break the DL record that way. That means thats how the DL record was set for your respective weightclass and division anyway. When i was in highschool i had an ass training partner who wanted a record. Now he was a legit tomato on stilts benchin more than he could squat AND dead. So what he did was like a 185 squat forfeit his next to attempts, seriously bench for records, then 225 dead and forfeit his next to attempts. So technically since he completed a full meet he got the bench record. WHAT A DICK! LOL


yea im trying to work on my bench but to me in powerlifting legs are what you win with.
I got 248 kilos(547 pounds) once almost twice for deadlift, i have the video but i need to upload it to youtube first it seems to take forever to


here we go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMAv4fIwVvA
i dont know if the link will work
I can't add kilos so it added up to 542 lbs