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How to Select Supplements?


So I've been looking around in stores and online for different protein powders, and I was wondering how you guys select what protein you take and why do you pick it like that? Also what would you recommend for a 16 year old kid who already takes a post workout stack but is looking to add more protein to their daily intake. Many thanks.




It really is by trial a error when looking for a good protein product(s). Many people will try one to find it taste like garbage and find another that is really good. I find that Biotest is a no bullshit company (I tell everyone that who asks me about it) basically you get what you get what's said on the label with no stupid fillers and is overall top quality. Little more expensive then others but I recommend them to anyone.

In reality when I was your age I never had access to be able to ask people questions with regards to this however, if I could take on thing back with me in the past to help with my overall goal(s) is a good quaility mass diet.


most people go by price, mixture and/or taste. i also consider (as i do with all my food choices) the source. i like to get it from grass grazing cows that don't get hormones.