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How to See All Posts by a Member/All Topics Started by a Member?

I used to use that a lot on the old system.

  • to check if a guy is making his first topic.
  • to look at old topics to see what info he posted before and what I suggested at that time.

I can find a user’s stats.

With the old system I could click the user’s name and find posts in all forums.

If I search “user:ksman” there are only 49 posts.

Google says there is nearly 10,000, the number should be larger but Google may have dropped some.

Click the name in a post. Click the name (or avatar) in the popup from that post. That will bring you to a member’s page.

Then click Topics. It’ll have every thread they started.

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Like Rez said, clicking “Topics” in their profile will bring up all topics they’ve started, clicking “Replies” in their profile shows their replies, and “All” will show everything.

I see what you mean with searching by username. Not sure what that’s about. The Search function may need to be tweaked or maybe it’s still indexing posts or somesuch technical stuff. But going to their profile is the more accurate method.