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How to search for

Need your HELP. Wanted to follow Chris advice on searching for “t-2 update”. I keep getting parameters errors… what gives? I enter “t-2 update” on the subject and my name on Search by (assuming it is that). Never done a search on this forum but now, I feel like an idiot. Please help.

You search for subject or author. Type in “T-2 updates” and click on subject, scroll to Brock’s entry and click on the red title.

To search the magazine, go to the magazine
(not the Forum’s search feature) and,
for example, type

T2 update

into the search box, and then click search.
You don’t need quotation marks, though I’m
not sure if they’d screw things up or not.
You don’t need your name.

You can search on the forum in the same way,
typing the terms into the windown above “subject” and then clicking on “subject.”

You’d find more things on the forum by
looking just for T2.

Hope this helps!

Also check out “the Thyroid Handbook” by Cy Wilson in the previous issues section

GREAT! Thanks you so much. Bill, your instructions work… I was going about it wrong. I was hitting the “enter” key instead of clicking on the word “subject”. It wasn’t clear at first but now I got it. Thanks a million!