How to Schedule Calorie Cycling?

OK so I want to do 2 high days. 2-3 Medium and 2-3 low and 1 of those low days probably a bit lower.

Would you taper up or taper down? Physiologically does it matter? Because mentally it would seem easier to taper up? But I can see where it might be better Physiologically to Taper down.

Example of what I mean:

calorie taper

I’ve seen a pretty good write up on this that @Pinkylifting did in his log. I’m afraid I don’t remember enough of the details that didn’t apply to me to pass it on though.

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I don’t think there is much reason to taper outside of any personal preference or psychological adherence advantage you think you’d get.

If your average calories are the same over the week I don’t think you’ll see a difference practically.

Personally I like to match my high and low days with gym sessions that are most and least intense respectively.

Again personal preference would to be to keep the calories and macros as simple as possible, 4 different tiers to medium would be too complicated for me. Not beyond my ability but more effort than its worth.


Thank you, this is what I needed to know.

The 4 different tiers looks complicated but really its just a different amount of rice each day except the 4th tier I drop morning eggs for egg whites or protein powder.

Thats assuming I stick to a strict diet which really hasnt happened yet, but I assume I will have to going forward.

As long as it’s a simple adjustment then there’s no problem with the tiers. But you’ll inevitably have to adjust over time depending how your weight moves, so might be something to leave in the tank, the ability to drop some of.your medium days.

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I figure inevitably this is what is going to happen. Then the High Days too :frowning:

Recent research suggesting 5 low days with a two day refeed, for equal overall deficit, results in the same weight loss but more lean mass retention.

Maybe keep your high days as the last place to take from, until your lows start to get silly anyway.


OK I will do this.

I saw the Layne Norton video breakdown of that same info (I think the same) is why I am going the 2-5 route.

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Bonus Question: How would schedule Clenbuterol for 4 days on 3 days off?

It would be 20mcg-40-60-80-Off-Off-Off.

Have you done any reading on clen at all?

A bunch. Ran it a few times.

How would you plan the diet with Clen?