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How to Safely Split HCG Powder Doses Before Mixing?

Have 5 x 3000 IU vials of HCG which I want to use for PCT but also in smaller doses on-cycle so my nuts don’t shrink. Normal advice is to mix the entire contents of one vial then split liquid into sterile vials and store in refrigerator. But I’m travelling with no access to a refrigerator. So I’m thinking of just opening the vials and splitting the powder and storing it in sterile min-vials until it’s time to mix and shoot (twice per week 500 or IU on-cycle, 1500 IU eod for first two weeks of PCT).

Would massively appreciate any advice on safety, how to keep the split doses sterile etc, what kinds of vial to order, what kind of environment I need to work in. The lab that made these HCG vials must have sterile conditions to split bulk manufactured powder into vials in the first place, how do they do it?

Ah yes and hi folks, first post! Thanks for the rich content in this forum I have found some helpful answers when planning my first cycle :slight_smile:

HCg is not a pct drug.

Literally never heard anyone suggest this. Not ever. I don’t know where this is normal, but wherever that is I do not want to live there.

No. Absolutely not. You do not have a sterile lab with air filtration. You’re injecting this into your body. The margin for error is vanishingly small.

You have five vials. Mix one. Take it with you when you travel. It can be unrefrigerated for many, many hours without issue. Hell, putting it in a suitcase between two bottles of cold water will be enough to keep it safely stored for at least a day. How long are you traveling for?

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They invest millions in clean rooms and decon equiptment for the people entering the rooms who are mixing seperating and packaging the chemicals

Freeze your luqid inside syringes and also keep them inside ice box while traveling