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How to Safely Determine 1RM?

OK the plan is to start my program tomorrow.

I am not sure if as a beginner I should be working of off a % of my 1RM, or if I should just start light an work up to a weight that I can only do for 8 reps. Currently I don’t know any of my 1RM for any exercise, nor do I know if it is safe for me to be trying to find out when I have never done a deadlift, or a real squat before.

I have booked a trainer to get me started with proper form. I am wondering should I just utilize the trainer to help me get all my 1RM numbers, and just do a discovery work out to find out where I am actually starting from? Would it be better just to start light and wait maybe for a couple weeks for a little strength before I try for a 1RM so that I can actually get an accurate weight.

Thanks again for any replies.

I really don’t believe knowing your 1 RM will ultimately make a difference. If you are new as stated, performing a maximum lift with no coordination is a prescription for injury.

Where to start? The bar. Lift the bar and increase from there.

Again, I really don’t think it matters. The only time I have ever maxed out was in high school, weight training class. That was our grade. Other than for competition, there is no need.

Have the trainer show you proper form for the deadlift and squat. If possible, powercleans too. Sadly, I do not expect you to be able to gain much, if any, more from her.

As far as figuring out your 1rm, don’t. It’s a waste of time, like TheDude said. Instead, make sure you’re making progress on your working weights. If your working weights go up, so should your 1rm.

And the programs that involve figuring lifts with percentages of your 1rm (smolov, sheiko, Oly) are too advanced for your level. Don’t use them.

if you really are worried about a 1RM, then use one of the stupid calculators out there… google “1 rep max calculator”.

Take a starting weight… bench it 2-4 times… if it’s too light add weight… do it again… 2-4 times… until you think you can’t do anymore. Do this with a spotter. Then put in your numbers.

1RM is just really for power lifters… if you goal is to get stronger or better looking the 1RM is just for bragging rights. In which case, there is always someone that can do more than you.

You don’t need to know your max single right now, even if you could figure it out you would probably not be able to perform it because beginners are not physically prepared to perform a true single.

Perfect, thanks guys that kind of what I was thinking.

Otep - Agreed about the trainer, I may be a beginner, but anyone willing to read can get more education about training right here then most gym trainers. I also find all they want is to show off the high tech machines even when you tell them you are not interested. I was reluctant to make the booking but I don’t know any serious lifters to get help from so…

Thanks again