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How to Run?


Normally i hop on the bike or swim, but when it comes to running after 2-3 minutes even at a moderate pace where i can maintain a regular heatbeat,

my shins burn, how do i run without suddenly feeling front shin burning?


Shin splints. Are you flat footed?


Work on your running mechanics, first of all. Too many people these days just simply don't know how to run.

Using your heel to absorb shock is probably the worst mistake that 90% of people make (and if the front of your shin is burning, that's what you're doing wrong). A hard heel strike slows you down and stresses the tibialis anterior. Just think about how you slow yourself down after sprinting. It also transmits a lot of energy up your leg and spine. Stay up on your toes a little more and let your calves act like shock absorbers, that's what they were built for.

The best mental cue for this is to 'push' to your next stride instead of 'reaching'. The farther you try to reach your leg out in front of your body, the harder your heel strike will be, and the slower you'll run (and the worse your shin splints will be).


I dont have flat feet, but i suppose i should work on technique, i imagined i was floating and paddling but i will take your suggest to just push and land on my ball of foot.


I've been having the same problem. I'm flat footed though.


lose the shoes.
Walk barefoot as much as possible.
Run barefoot in short bursts to develop better technique.
This will force you up on your toes
and turn your calves into springs / shock absorbers.

Or don't
with enough practice and determination
your body will adapt to your poor technique
and your shins won't burn so badly.
Everything takes practice
but practicing poor technique
enforces poor technique.


stop running. Best decision I've made in my life after years of high school cross country and track.


If you've never been a runner, I'd suggest trying the Couch to 5k program:


This will ease you into running (also go to a real running shoe store and get fitted with some shoes). Almost any running injury is be definition an overuse injury. The above program will let your joints adapt to running. Good luck.


Also, practice squatting. your probably have terrible disfunctioning legs. goblet squat ftw


Apples and oranges, my friend.


Could be a myriad of things. Can't tell without a proper assessment.

  • Weak core
  • Tight Hip flexors
  • Disengaged posterior chain
  • Poor hip/ankle mobility
  • Shitty run mechanics

Fixing your stride will help (best decision of my life was turning into a barefoot runner) but if you REALLY want to run - for some reason people think that they have to to lose weight - spend some money and get assessed. It will help you with a lot more than just running.


Yea...that didn't really make much sense to me either.


Tony could have a part of it right here. Your problem could have originated from either your form or your running shoes. To relieve your shin pain, I would ice the shin, stop running for a while, and stretch the shin. Shin stretches are in the link http://www.monkeysee.com/play/1061-pro-athlete-training-shin-stretches

Good Luck, and I hope your shins recover quickly.


I'm so flat footed not even arches would help me, I've also NEVER been a good runner my entire life and to top things off im in the military so im forced to run mon,wed,fri. Shin splints suck at first, but even being flat footed with no way to turn back there is still opportunity to be a decent runner. Its all abou technique man, do some research learn proper stance, and like Jay said running on your heels is the worse mistake yo u can make.


Vibram five fingers/barefoot shoes


The shin pain will go after time it hurts because you are carrying a bit more weight than your legs can handle. I would suggest getting a heart rate monitor and keep it above 80%.

Stick to it and the shins will stop hurting after a while. Once your shins start hurting go a little longer and stop because It can make it worse if you train past the pain. Once you get home rest and ice them.

  • I have had shin pains for years and this is what has worked for me.


(1) Don't strike the ground with your heel but with the middle/ball of your foot. Your whole foot does make contact with the ground when you're running, but we're talking about the initial point of contact here. Your foot should make contact with the ground while it is IN LINE with your body, NOT in front of your body.

(2) Strengthen your shins. Stand with your back against a wall, feet about a foot or so from the wall. Raise your toes up and down SLOWLY. Work up sets, reps and frequency SLOWLY.

(3) Stretch your quads, hams, groin, calves FREQUENTLY.

(4) I assume you're doing this but build up the volume and frequency of your running gradually.