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How to Run Tbol with Dbol?

I was originally going to run my dbol at 40 mg a day at the end of my 16 week test cycle like half way through for 6 weeks than after my buddy’s supplier Included tbol with the dbol because he didn’t have as much dbol as I wanted I checked tbols profile out I like it so I’m thinking of running both now how would I run it I see quote a few posts where they seperate it but I would rather run it at the same time is their a way to do this safely I read tbol I’d less liver toxic I have milk thistle tudca and NAC so could someone chime in and help me I’m getting more dbol and was going to pick up more tbol to so I have enough to run

Not a fan of dual 17a orals to be honest. Is this your first run with any of them? I’d rather start the cycle with Dbol and finish with Tbol than run them simultaneously. Or if the cycle is a bulk, run the Dbol only and save the Tbol for a cut or leaner gains kind of cycle.

Is 46 and 2 a tool reference if so cool.thanks for the info.so their is no way to run them together it is a biulking cycle

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Third run with dbol and test

“How to”. Put pill in hand and swallow. Ok but seriously … stacks should be synergistic. One should but doesn’t have to consider overall health. Ever had elevated AST/ALT in the past? If you run them I would keep both in moderation. One aromatizea and the other doesn’t. If it were me I would still split them up but your call.

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I think it is a reference to that song. Awesome song IMO, the drumming is on another level.

I used to be in the never use two orals at once group. I have been questioning that approach. I am against using dosages for each oral that one would run with an oral solo. So if a good Dbol dosage is 30 mg/day, and a good Tbol dosage is 40 mg/day, I would run them at 15 mg/day, and 20 mg/day. I don’t think that would cause more harm than just the dbol at 30 mg/day. You may get a more beneficial side effect profile. For most people, this is probably unneeded, and just saying don’t run two orals is the easiest.

I am open to opinions on this strategy. I don’t think the minimum dosage for a compound to work is solid either if other androgens are included in a stack. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t think you necessarily need 600 mg/wk primo to get results from it, if you are also running test, mast, and tbol with it in low dosages. I think total anabolic load should be considered.

It is, yeah. I play bass and I freaking love that riff, even though my hand gets tired by the time we get to the lyrics!

Big fan myself. I just like bands that do their own thing and have serious talent.

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Tool kicks ass one of my favorite bands if not my favorite