How to Run a Test Cycle for the First Time? 21 Y/O

After much research, there are many many opinions on how to run a test cycle. Conflicting opinions at that. Some people recommend taking an AI on cycle, while others say not to. Should I take a SERM? Should I cycle an HCG on cycle? Some people say 250 mg is too little, some say they’ve seen this dose work wonders. Do I take nolva/clomid for a PCT? Do I start PCT 1 week after the last pin of test?

At this point, I am 100% going to run a test cycle. If anyone has a working formula for a simple test cycle with good results, I would really appreciate the help.

hey man 250mg/wk is pretty small, no HCG would be needed. I and others would probably recommend 500/wk.

your body may or may not need Ai at 250mg/wk but I would def recommend getting some.

yes you choose either or, plenty of forums to tell you how much for PCT

best of luck brah

Man you’ll notice gains on 250 mg/wk but 500 mg/wk will be much greater obviously and there won’t be so much suppression and reboot while the half life of your test may expire in one week. nolvadex is a good serm to take and have on hand, and the ai might do the trick afterwards in stopping the conversion of estrogen, better safe than sorry. A working test cycle with proven strength and size results simple as possible safe and fun to do; Test Enanthate 500mg/wk Nolva and Clomid protocol 14 days after last pin 100/50/50