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How to retain LBM while dieting?

I plan on going on the t-dawg diet soon. I want some advice on what supplements to take while on this diet to keep as much muscle as possible. I weigh 240 lbs. and was wondering how much protein to consume. If I take to much will I ever go in to Ketosis and if I take to little will the mag-10 be as effective? Thank you

4-AD-EC and Methoxy-7 are better choices I would think. MAG-10 is recommended at only two weeks at a time and I assume you’d want to diet longer than that. As for ketosis, Chris Shugart (the guy who wrote the diet) said it’s not necessary. It’s a controlled carb diet, not really a low carb diet. And make sure you’re using his new recs (100 g carbs per day) etc. 1 gram per pound of BW in protein should be fine. Save the MAG-10 for bulking. Just my two pennies.

Methoxy-7 at increased, maybe double, dose. I guess I am biased though, eh?

how fat are you?

Well D-man I am at around 14-15%

It would depend entirely on your level of caloric deficit. If you are using the T-Dawg diet, which relies on a controlled carbohydrate intake to appraoch ketosis in order to helop lose fat, then you may not even bein a great deficit, in which case you would not really need to supplement with anything.

However, the greater the caloric deficit, the more powerful the supplement you would want to use. If you are takining in less 500 or so under you maintenance level calories, then Methoxy-7 will help you retain almost all LBM.

At 1000 calories or more below maintenance, I would suggest Mag-10; the doseage will be different for most people but start with 1/2 dose per day and work your way up if needed.

Obviously 4-AD would be somewhere in the middle. My personal feeling is that if you're severely dieting and creating a further negalive caloric balance by doing great amounts of cardion, it is best to use the most powerful product available to you, rather than try to save some money and sacrifice your LBM. Hope this helps.

Methoxy all the way. If you follow the t-dawg diet you can’t take in too much protein.

As it says, you need md-6, i’d also add t2 & t2pro & M. Stay off the md-6 on the carb up day but keep taking alpha lapoic acid. I would also go for the 4-ad and cycle that with tribex-500. Methoxy will also work. Remeber that you need to decrease calories in a step manner. Adding some Methoxy when the going gets tough might help you alot. Remember that your goal in training is to boost your metabolism as much as possible so hit the weights hard and do High intensity interval training. good luck, and have patience. laters pk

I have been on t-dawg diet for about 7 weeks, been seeing good results. I have used MD6, t2pro throughout, and cycling between androsol and tribex+M+methoxy. If you can afford it I would recommend taking methoxy all the way. So far I haven not seen any loss in LBM, actully I feel I have gained some mass, but that could also be cuz I started eating/training the t-man way (food log, 6-10g EPA/DHA etc). Good luck

ok, if you were a lot fatter in the %20+ range then lbm retention would be absolute cake…

To add to what John said; if using Mag-10 and a severe diet, go with 1-2 doses daily, with a double dose frontload on day one. Anything less would be insufficient.