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How to Restart Program with Percentages?

I am currently on my last week of a program that has me working on percentages from 70%-90% (10-3 reps) over the course of three months. I am wondering how much weight should I add after restarting the program. Also I am trying to increase my bench for reps with 225, I currently add 1 rep to my bench every week. I am at 225x5 for four sets. Should I continue adding one rep or start back at a lower percentage and work my way up?

Test for new one rep maxes and start again using that for the percentages.

If it is an effective program, they should be higher.

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Thank you. They definitely are higher but I don’t care for maxing out much.

If you google, there are some calculators online that can be used to predict 1RM based off of rep maxes based on weight. Not sure of accuracy, but they should still work as a good guideline if you don’t want to test.

Also, 531 and Juggernaut use a pretty simple system for increasing training weights based off of max reps on final set. IE, if goal for last set is 225 x 4 but you get 6 reps, then you would add 5 pounds to the max weight you are calculating percentages from.

Typical standard is 2.5 pounds per rep for upper body, and 5 pounds per rep for lower body, based on how many extra reps you get above the goal. And capped at 10 reps over, so you aren’t doing any crazy jumps in weight due to a freak ‘good day’.

Work up to a top set of five with one clean rep left in the tank.

Your estimated max is (weight x reps x 0.033) + reps

I can’t speak about Juggernaut but that isn’t exactly how 531 works. You add 10 lbs (lower body) and 5 lbs (upper body) every third or fourth week (depending if you use four or seven week cycles) to your TM unless you cannot hit the minimum prescribed reps that cycle, or if you can only hit the minimum reps. When that happens you reset your TM for the lift or lifts. Dropping it back three cycles is a good way to go.

My bad, I haven’t done 531 in a while, been doing Juggernaut for over a year now and I was thinking they both used the same progression.

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They’re similar, but only Juggernaut determines how much you increase your TM by what you get for your plus sets. I doubt the end result is much different, but to me 531 seems much easier to run.

3 months ago when you started this how did you get your numbers?

what is the program? If in doubt just be conservative and up your max by 5lbs for upper body lifts and 10lbs lower

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