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How to Reset Body After Poor Training Years?


How would you go about ‘resetting’ ones body when it seems like it’s gone downhill - as in loss of muscle and strength with an increase in fat gain.

Im a 2A I believe and getting very impatient with my lack of progress or even regression. I still feel motivated but ive Lost all my strength but also feel so out of shape…

Perhaps a new style of training ? I’ve looked back on my training for 1.5 years and realised I’ve made no progress at all…

Perhaps it’s my type but I get bored easily and switch training a lot, this may be the reason I see no real progress

2A do need a lot of variation, but you should still use a specific structure otherwise, as you notice, you wont progress much.

First you need a fairly equal amount of neural and muscular work.

This structure for 3 out of weeks is what I recommend.

PART 1 - Neural activation: For a type 2A I recommend a contrast of one explosive movement and one high tension exercise:

A1. Overcoming isometric exercise (corresponding to the main lift of the day) for 6 seconds of max-effort
A2. Explosive exercise (jumps, med ball throws, plyo push ups, med ball slams, light olympic lift, etc.)
60-75 sec between exercises, 3-4 sets

PART 2 - Main movement potentiation: do the main lift of the day but with a method that will amp up the CNS… for example hanging band technique, double rebound technique, twitch reps.

HBT = With HBT you use resistance bands (not the biggest ones) to hang weights from a loaded barbell. This will create instability by having the hanging weight move up/down, forward/back and sometimes sideways. It’s thus a great tool to improve tension and rigidity but also technique/form because the more precise your form is the less the weights will move (instant feedback). It is also a very effective way to wake up the nervous system prior to heavy lifting.

Double rebound technique = With this technique you perform the bottom portion of a big lift where the stretch reflex is involved (mostly bench press and squat variations but can also be done on pull-ups and dips). The goal is to do the “rebound” (using the stretch reflex to its fullest) twice per rep. You do a regular rep catching the rebound. But you only go up as high as the rebound will take you. Then you go back down as fast as you can to catch a second, even bigger rebound and you finish the lift. This is one repetition. This trains the athlete to use the stretch reflex. It is of course done with low to moderate weights and only with highly conditioned athletes. You use a light weight, around 50-60%

Twitch reps = In twitch reps all four phases of the movement (eccentric, turnaround point, concentric, transition) are done as fast as possible. Twitch reps use only a very short range of motion: around 10-12 cm (4-5"). The twitches can be done either in the stretch position to work on the stretch reflex or around a weak/sticking point to correct it. Again, a light weight is used since the goal is maximum speed and rapid changes in direction.Use around 30-40%.

You do 3 such sets (maybe 1-2 lighter warm-ups.

PART 3 - Main exercise: The main lift of the day is done heavy. You can use any max effort (90%+ weights) loading scheme.

3/2/1 wave
Ramp to 1, 2 or 3RM
(only pick one)

PART 4 - Bodybuilding work: This is the part that can include the most variation. Select around 4 exercises that will be used to build muscle (so low CNS stress movements) ideally targeting your weaknesses. You can use any “hypertrophy” loading scheme or method you want. I prefer a lower volume approach with 1 or 2 sets taken to true failure or even beyond (rest/pause, drop sets, full reps + partials, post-failure iso holds, etc.). The exercises and methods can change every session provided that you go to failure or close to it.

EVERY 4TH WEEK you change to a pure bodybuilding routine (no activation, no max effort lifting) for ONE week then you get back to the basic structure.

Wow thanks you so much CT that looks great, really resonates with me.

One Q- frequency?

My instinct says 4 days per week. Upper/ lower split

Or upper/posterior chain/ upper / legs

Thanks again coach