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How to Remove Red Injections Spots?

I have visible red spots on the glutes, small points but visible. What is the easiest way to remove it from the skin? Thanks

I can’t help you with this, but you gotta give more detail for whomever can.

It is just small red spots from the needles, looks like mosquito bites. Very small, but visible bc its red.

How often are you injecting?

Alcohol followed by 240 grit sandpaper, followed by 360, then 600. IF you want to go for that high polished mirror effect work your way all the way up to 2000 wet sanding.

Rotate your injection sites more often. What size needles are you using and what is the carrier oil?


You sandpaper your body to polish it? Surely that’s sarcasm?

Sandpaper will just irritate the skin


Sandpaper? I dont get if you are sarcastic, or whatever else. I use this one
Needle is G21 0,80x40 mm

Do you get this etc or via script? I don’t know where you live, but that language clearly isn’t English

He is 1000% sarcastic lol unless you have a wooden leg and a parrot on your shoulder.


A 21G needle? Do you waterboard yourself beforehand?


Thank god, I only made it to 360 grit and it was getting bloody.

Also yeah 21G in insane, I did that my first time never again. Stoked to get 28G and try delt soon thanks to you lol.


Huh, I probably should’ve figured this one out

Just imagine how lustrous your glutes would have looked with a 2000grit wet sand though.
Prolly still would see the red spots though.


can confirm red spot still there, but my quads look almost fatless…

I use 21g needle for glutes lol but they only get hit once a week. Anything smaller makes it a nightmare to push the liquid through a 3ml syringe.


That makes sense for someone doing the amount of volume you’re doing but for a test cycle like this guy? I started TRT with 18g needles. Didn’t realize they were there for drawing.

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Ouch! Cannot even imagine using those to inject. The things we do when noobs right.


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I’ve used and sometimes still have to use 19g needles

Had to re-use an old needle today… very unsafe, but lack of funds (will have enough on Sunday… or if I actually get a refund lol) mean I can’t afford to buy new needles atm… about to get a job so all this shit will go away… it was either that or drop dbol right before I’m supposed to get comprehensive bloods… closet place I can certainly get needles from is about 1 and a half HR away (either the safe injection site centre or my compounding pharmacy that I have to drive 90 mins to and pay 85$ for 3mL of test E)… wonder why I’m taking this shit into my own hands lol

Don’t want to go to the safe injection site place even if I don’t have to pay, there’s guys/girls shooting up in the alleyways near it, seems like a good way to get robbed… I harbour no judgement towards these individuals and feel sorry for them regarding the situations they’ve found themselves in… but once an addict many will do completely uncharacteristic things in order to procure more narcotics, esp for heroin/opaites, methamphetamine etc

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I wouldn’t count on the refund, from he who cannot be named.

I get my needles for free from the local hospital clinic, it has some sketchy IV drug users there, so I know what you mean. They can be crazy unpredictable, but will probably assume you are a fellow IV user. Always safer to have nothing to do with these individuals.
Do you have a hospital nearby, still better than a dedicated IV hotspot?

Yes, I’ve had tweaked out individuals try to start with me at the doctors office before… and I once had an obviously intoxicated methamphetamine (or some kind of stimulant addict) come up to me at a fast food chain and ask “can I have those fries”… he was shaking, looked diheveled… I was done with them and said “sure, you can have this Diet Coke too” as it came with the order but I didn’t drink it. I was with a friend at the time who was looking at me with concern, trying to stifle laughter… But I felt sorry for the guy… I thought it was interesting he would want to eat while presumably on a stimulant binge though.