How to Regain Muscle After Being Sick?

Hello, I have been sick and eating was a nightmare. I usually ate 4,000 calories to maintain and 4200 to bulk. Well, I have never been this sick before. I hears about muscle memory but never believed it. Now I’m desperate to know. I have been doing the research as I sip on 200 calorie chicken noodle soup. Anyways, I can’t find this question about muscle memory.

So we regain muscle faster since it was once ours kk. But what must we do to regain it back faster? Can we just start eating normally and bam muscle returns? Or do we have to start training again from square one only it is faster to get from a example 200 pound bench back to 345 to 400 bench or get back 18 inch arms etc etc. Thank you very much.

If it is just a temporary or acute illness and not some dystrophy or muscle wasting disease its likely just cell volume.

Get hydrated, electrolytes, and regular food and you should be good in no time.

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So how long do you think it would take to get back up to 268? I’m now 256 it sucks.

yep pretty much.

At that size just a week of eating big. Possibly a nasty yyhuge cheat meal thrown in somewhere -will fill out once glycogen stores pumped back up so to speak

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That varies to much person to person to say accurately.

Mine never stayed down after illness (flu and whatnot,) for more than a few days.

For how long were you sick?

Were you actually diagnosed with corona? If yes, then I think it’s very likely that no one is exactly sure how long and how seriously it could/could not continue to affect you.

You’re trying to gain 12lbs? 12lbs of muscle or of muscle and fat? How lean is your 256 right now? If you’re a soft 256 and want to gain another soft 12, then you could get there pretty quick, haha. If you’re a lean 256 and want 12lbs of muscle I assume that takes some time.

What pisses me off is some people say treat it like a flu while those options aren’t going to work for that virus. Yet it’s a virus and supposedly nothing works. Makes me want to go on a genocide massacre. This virus is normal that’s all I got to vent on.

For the weight. Yes I am now skinny and ugly. Before I was a solid 270ish. Now even at 257 I look like I’m even 240. I look like I weigh leas hence muscle is gone.

Yeah I was aware that’s why I deleted the comment. Anytime someone mentions that virus and all hell breaks loose.

Yes 12 pounds of muscle or 8 9 the rest is fat and water. We will always have fat on our body. It is a given that fat and muscle come together.

You’re going to be out of action for a short while and it will take you a bit to get back where you were. Shit happens, don’t panic, don’t force-feed yourself and don’t go back to the gym until you are 100%

Yeah I’m doing that. I’m still trying to take advantage of the two meals I can stomach. Moring is 4 eggs with 3 tpsn of olive oil and aktens bars being like 1000 calories.

Now I’m trying hard to bulk up my last meal which is a shake. I want the shake to be 1300 calories that won’t be thick and chewy but somewhat smooth to drink down quick and head to bed. I would really appreciate it brothas.

I don’t see how long you were out, but if its less than a month or so you didn’t lose hardly any muscle size. Just go back to your standard training bulk and the muscle memory part should kick in and you will have faster gains this time around. Ya don’t necessarily need to do anything different. I’ve done this many times… Just be careful, deload, and focus hard on form that may have slipped due to lack of practice.

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God bless my guy that was perfect iron brother! I’ll do that! Do you however think that I will start to gain some muscle when I start eating in a surplus? Or I have to train when going back on my bulk? I will train but I’m still worn out but I am starting to get back my appetite.

You will start as soon as you lift and eat in surplus calories. Don’t expect it overnight, just faster than first time around.

Have you seen this T-Nation article where a guy gained 63 pounds of muscle in 28 days?

How is that even possible? Could you link the article please? Would get my mind off what I’m dealing with and see if I can implement what’s going on there.

Here is something from myfitnesspal too

From what you’ve said I’d totally forget about lifting/get swolez for a couple weeks and just get yourself well. As you are prob finding out corona can drag on and on.

majorly anecdotal but it seems taking both high strength vit d3 and daylight seems to help as well as tons of rest and whatever else doc recommends

Just get back to training and eating like normal and you should be back to where you were before soon enough. I have a had a few times where I got sick or other things happened that led to me barely eating and not training much if at all, just do the same things you did to get big and strong in the first place.

Once I had gastroenteritis, after it was over and I was feeling better I weighed myself after rehydrating and eating a big meal, I was over 10lbs lighter and weak as shit. I was even more motivated to train since I basically got fucked over for what I worked for, within two months I had regained the weight and was stronger than before. Just give it some time.

There was an interesting statement by Dr Andy galpin about how strength work increases the number of nuclei in your muscle cells. He stated that’s why it’s hard to build and why people can have a break from strength work and still be strong. He did a JRE interview which is on you tube. Maybe check him out. Seems like a break doesn’t do much harm. Also why PEDs can have a lasting effect on performance.

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So I’m still positive but the sytpoms are gone, should I workout? My brother has been training this whole time and got tested just encase he has it and nevwr felt a thing. Life -_-

Not around other people