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How to Regain Lost Weight?

I have been into general fitness and nutrition on and off for a few years now, I was never a very big guy to begin with but today I weighed myself and I was 20 lbs below my normal weight. I know some of the weight lost was muscle because I haven’t lifted in probably 3 months and can tell I am much weaker.

Can anyone tell me how I can regain the lost weight if at all possible? By the way I don’t eat junk food but I’m open to fatty foods and healthy carbs.

This is a great starting point

I’d go heavy on the rice and potatoes.

Do 5/3/1 BBB or the new “Building the Monolith” template.

Just do the opposite of what you did, gotta start somewhere. Get on a proven program that fits your goals, and establish your dietary needs to main weight gains.