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How To Refill Prescription Without Compounding Pharmacies Getting Your Vials?

Recently switching from Defy to a local guy. I’m not sure what script he put in, but I ended up with 4 1ml vials, which I just learned are single use. I inject daily. This is why I keep extra available!

So I did some reading, and it seems like there’s an issue for those of us not using Empower (or another compounding pharmacy that can give you a 5ml vial). 1ml is single use only, and pharmacists won’t give you a 10ml/2000mg bottle because it’s technically only safe to use 28 days after being opened. And anything beyond that apparently violates 1 month supply max for it being a CIII drug.

I did look and see some pharmacies by me have 10ml/1000mg vials which would do the trick, at the expense of some more time every morning. Not the end of the world.

Bonus question: my pharmacy, which has been great to me for years, refuses to do a prior auth for T cyp. My drs office is waiting for the pharmacy to send it over, and the pharmacy refuses. They won’t say why, and only that T cyp is the only drug this restriction applies to. Company is owned by someone who thinks testosterone is destroying our world? lol

Just fill up a weeks worth of syringes at once and use them throughout the week

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Smart, didn’t even think of that

I get 12 weeks worth of cypionate, so much for this law. This seems to be for retail pharmacies CVS/Walgreens, not the compounding and non-retail pharmacies like Kaiser.

As far as testosterone destroying our world, this is what low-T men are up against when seeking help because steroids is treated like some bad hormone that causes health problems which is from the bodybuilding world running supraphysiological levels in the 10’s of thousands.

Most people I talk to don’t even know the difference between anabolic steroids and steroids/testosterone, they think they are the same thing.

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Steroids, opiates, it’s all the same stuff corrupting this world. All scheduled substances, right?

I’m sure there’s a South Park meme I could use here that would be fitting for how ridiculous that statement/belief is

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