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How to Reduce the Sides of Tren?

I ran my first tren cycle for 14 weeks at 400mg/wk of Tren and 150mg/wk of test. I want to use tren again but I am concerned about the sides. At the beginning I had lethargy and indigestion, which were at times harsh, but they subsided after about 7 weeks or so. The indigestion all but disappeared by the end, and the lethargy became mild and manageable. The bigger concern was blood pressure. I was consistently in in the high 150s for systolic. My RBC was also high during my cycle. I am prone to high RBC. I give blood regularly and that solves the problem. But it is still a concern since high bp and high RBC increase chances for things like stroke.

The other side effect that freaked me out was thinning of hair. Now I am not prone to male pattern baldness. I have crazy thick hair and no one is bald on either side of my family. My wife noticed it first and I eventually did too. My hair was noticeable thinner all over. No receding hair line. Most people wouldn’t notice because my hair is now probably a normal thickness. But what the hell? I’ve used Test, EQ and DECA for long cycles before and never had any hair issues like this.

I would like to use tren again but how can I keep my blood pressure under control? BTW I take fish oil daily, all year round. Should I up my fish oil supplementation? Are there other supplements that help control bp? What about lowering the dose to 200mg/wk. Has anyone else had success controlling bp while on tren? My bp after a week or two was back to the usual low 130s/high 120s for systolic. I never have high bp problems with other substances.

Also has anyone experienced the hair thinning thing who is not prone to MPB? We’ll see if my hair thickens back up. I’ve been off tren for about 4 weeks now.

Only time I had blood pressure issues on tren it turned out to be the estrogen from the test being aromatized. Solved it with AI.

I have a buddy who’s hair falls out by the handful when on tren but it grows back once he is off. Is or did yours grow back? Were you taking any DHT based hormone with the tren and test?

Wasn’t taking any DHT based. I don’t think I’ve been off of it long enough to tell yet. It still looks thinner to me.

I did have e2 problems with tren. But I am still stumped as to why. I was taking an AI and my test was only 150 and tren doesn’t aromatize. Maybe by AI was just too low and and the estrogen was slowly building up. I don’t know. I had my e2 tested mid cycle and it came back 124, but tren is notorious for skewing e2 tests. I read stuff that said labcorp’s method doesn’t give accurate e2 readings on tren but Quest does because of different testing methodologies.

A lot of people seem to take big doses of tren. Originally when tren started to get used for bodybuilding the dose was only 150mg/week, ( 2 x 75mg dose).
You have already worked out that 400mg/wk is too much for you to tolerate, so dropping the dosage should help.

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Tren doesn’t aromastize so if your E2 was truely elevated (meaning confirmed with lab tests) then I suspect it was related to the amount of T you were taking.

Have you used tren before and if so what doses did you find tolerable?

I haven’t used Tren or any Nor 19 derivatives yet. I’ve been getting enough bang for my buck from compounds with a less risky reputation. I’m just going by my observations of Pro bodybuilders in the late 1980’s, early 1990’s when tren became popular.
Steroids are tolerated at different amounts by different people. Always best to start a new drug at the lowest recommended dose.
I learnt that the hard way with EQ. I front loaded the first 4-5 week at 1200mgs per week. The anxiety wall hit me badly in that first trial. The next cycle I started of with my normal weekly dose, 400mg (plus test), no frontloading and I had no anxiety issues from EQ. I couldn’t tolerate 1200mgs but surprisingly:slight_smile: I could tolerate 400mgs. Some other individuals might be able to do 1200mgs of EQ without any issues.

Tren is one of the most powerful steroids. On paper its 5 times as anabolic as testosterone. It can give great rewards but it comes with potentially big negative side effects. If 150mgs/ week was good enough for Dorian Yates, then its a fair bet that most people would do better to start off with a similar dose.

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Strange sides on tren… I just did tren for 1,5 year non stop when competing, 2013/2014… Bp aways ok, but I had some problems with tren… thats why I stop using it.
Here is what’ve got from tren: bad skin (acne all over my face and body), night sweats (hot, very hot), little bit agressive and annoying with everything (sometimes I could not hear my wife chewing some snack, or anything… i got crazy, without patience), total infertilty (no spermatozoa, zero, it doesn’t matter what you take, HCG, HMG, clomid, it doesn’t matter), sleepless nights (you dont want to sleep, you want to train, to eat… crazy stuff…)
I’m going to stop here, just because I love and hate tren, it’s perfect to stage, I mean, IT IS A STAGE DRUG, not recreational drug, I would use it again for competition reasons, but never for “just make a cycle of it”, for me, IMO… tren is the best anabolic out there, U don’t compete without tren, but it’s stage/ comp drug, forget it.


Thiago what was your dosage of tren during those 5 years? What supplements
did you use to keep sides minimized? What other compouds were you using
along with tren?

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maybe I did express my self wrong, I did 1 year and a half of tren, not 5 years! But the dosage was always around 500mg/ week and I didn’t use anything to minimize the sides,… that time, I did a exam and my blood was ok, no elevation of prolactin, only RBC was a little bit above, but not something I needed to worry about. Today, as I said, I don’t think tren worth it. If you want to compete = necessary, if not, wow no, you can get a great shape without tren, and keep it, keep using other steroids not so god damn harsh on your system.

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I wish I could like posts ten times. This. No idea why guys who aren’t competing run tren.

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