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How to Reduce Muscle Size?


I want to reduce muscle size of my quads, because my jeans no longer fit me... And NO i dont like the look of big quads, and i have those. Currently im cutting but my legs remain big and unattractive to my GF and me as well.

Is there a way to reduce their size (both quads, ass and hams) ? Im on calorie deficit, maybe 2 sets of 70-80 rep squats would do the job? can anyone tell me?

oh, and I DEFINITELY DONT want to build up my upper body to balance it!


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You know what? How about going and running a marathon every 2 days. That should push you in the right direction.


Your quads arent even that big.

Get some new jeans. PIHP, and then dump her.

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Maybe on your head instead of your thighs come to think of it.


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Have you ever thought that maybe if you dislike having big muscles, bodybuilding is not for you? Just an idea...


yeah just realized IT and now i wanna do something about it

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I think its kind of retarded to want to reduce muscle size, but if youre going to, high reps is probly not the way to do it. I would think doing just low reps would be better, like just sets of 3 or so


Just stop training legs. Completely. And stay in caloric deficit.


I agree with NARDS


OP, this is good advice. 5 sets of 3 reps, relatively heavy, and watch those quads dissapear into the night.



Endurance training( >15 Rep squats/deadlifts) and consistent diet will slim your legs up.. type 1 muscle fibers are formed from endurance training and are relatively smaller in diameter than type 2 muscle fibers which are formed through strength/power training.

2nd check your lifting mechanics. When you do a squat or deadlift where is your center of gravity? Do you feel a lot of your weight coming forward towards your toes. This is typical in alot of people who are quad dominant. Your center of gravity should be straight down through your legs, straight down through center of ankle, and out the bottom of your heel at all times. Your toes should not come off of the ground, your entire foot should be planted/stable on the ground with the emphasis of your weight through The heels. Even on the up phase you you should drive through your heels. This is the biomechanical correction that will engage your HAMSTRING and GLUTES reducing tension placed on the quads. This will distribute force through both front and back leg muscle balancing out your quads and eventually reducing their size.

The first motion of your squat is not down. You need a forward lean(head above or infront of toes), while simultaneously sticking butt out behind you (anterior pelvic tilt) and bending knees so femur rotates back and around a stable knee joint. The knee joint should remain close to the same spot during your squat as when you were standing up straight. Slight forward motion of the knee is ok, definitely keep knees behind toes, and once again center of gravity through your heels.

If you can't keep a straight back or release the hips(keep butt stuck out) during squat, you cannot do a squat properly and this puts alot of stress on the quads. This is usually do to hamstring/glute inflexibility, or deficient erector spinae muscles.

Keeping a healthy diet that supports weightloss will also reduce the size of your quads
If you lost 20 pounds your quads would decrease significantly in size. Make sure to research proper ways to diet/exercise while losing weight to maintain as much muscle mass as possible, and lose as much bodyfat as possible.






your gf uses this kind of logic, and you are listening to her regarding your quads?


Stopping weights completely, take up lone distance running, starve and go fuck yourself.

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Don't wear jeans. Wear a skirt.

Shave your legs.

Use the step machine. Whatever its called.

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