How to Recognize Bad Gear

I bought some bad gear and was too cheap to quit using it and buy more until I finished entire bad vial. It was my first cycle but now I’ve done a lot of research and know what to watch out for. Because of my several mistakes my one leg puts me further behind some of the guys I follow on T-Nation.

Forum board friends have helped shape my training, allowing me to improve volume. I no longer eat wheat bread which I feel along with gear has improved ability to train 3-4 hours four days a week.

I use visualization techniques when I dead lift and usually train in the dark so I can’t post numbers. I lift to failure on both sets when the knee isn’t bleeding. My washing machine got clogged up with my knee wraps so I’m gonna take a day or two off when someone comes over to help me tilt it on it’s side and fix that.

Ways to recognize bad gear:

1.) Stay away from Gear that has floaters. I paid top dollar for some Test ethanate but noticed it had what I thought might be crystals. Was able to use pliers to remove top and found what looked like dorito chip pieces.

2.) Don’t buy Gear from drug dealers. You may have friends that know where to get Gear but I learned drug dealers that aren’t muscular should be avoided. Also stay away from bikers selling gear. I won’t go into that now but you want to make legit purchases from guys that are vascular and losing hair. Ask around about who has high sex drive, because they probably have “good to go” Gear.

3.) Gear that doesn’t make you feel any different is probably a good sign you paid for a vial of trouble. A sense of well being should be noticed within the first week. Also notice if you have aggression and oily skin. If you do that’s a near certainty that you have Gear that will allow you the volume you need to get through the typical four week cycle.

4.) The best cycles are four weeks long peaking around week three. That’s plenty of time for your libido to soar. You will feel horny and sometimes have good dreams. If this happens you know you have a good source of Gear.

5.) Bad Gear will sometimes reveal itself through bloat and gyno. Do nipple twisters and check for solids. If this strikes you know the gear is under dosed. Sometimes a mix of mostly oil and little test ethanate causing you to blow up and a breast to take shape, but it’s mostly oil. If you got real legit stuff, you will blowup within a couple of days and friends will notice size difference.

6.) Finally make friends with as many big guys at the gyms. Check your source, with them or or with other customers and see if they get results (if you know them).

Use creatine and do your three major compound lifts. You can’t help but meet with success.

** 11-7-2013 edit

this post was tongue in cheek. for entertainment purposes only. those are not authentic means of recognizing bad gear. not bona fide (like george clooney)

Obvious troll is obvious.

[quote]jeanmich wrote:
Obvious troll is obvious.[/quote]

jean jean the dancing machine some of you under twenty-one guys crack me up.

Make fun of me and not the new guys on other threads with one or two posts asking noob questions in earnest.

I’d say the same for those you help on the job.

Many people out there have deficiencies that are not always obvious. Some are shy. Some just dumb as shit. Don’t do it for your boss or yourself, but make it a higher purpose to help others. Give of your knowledge, just like the many you see here … KSman, Mr.Walkaway, Stu, Cortes, Alpha, VTBalla34 etc… and the admins and mods.

We all started somewhere and confusing a person with attacks on their posted pictures or their inadequate nutrition habits in other threads ain’t cool. You don’t want them giving up because they posted a picture of their lanky frame and wanted answers to redundant introductory questions that they should have found in the stickies.

Have a laugh on me, but build up tnation by showing empathy to those with lesser bodies and knowledge than you. Now go work on your squats.

I have had 2 cases of bad gear. The past year.

Underdosed gear is hard to detect without bloods, so much of it is by ‘feel’. Otherwise you will notice lumping / scar tissue accumulation at the depot site if its journeyman underground gear. Obviously infections or redness are obvious signs of bad gear. Really you just need to find bodybuilders, like OP was saying. Never let go of a good source, don’t worry about fancy labels, UPC codes and shit, it’s all smoke and mirrors. Legit BB community people care only about quality.

On our end, we can only keep the gear warm and out of the sun, otherwise its all on the source.