How to Read Syringe?

Need 35 mg don’t know where to go!


How much mg per ml ?

Test prop 10 100 ml
1ml syringe!


Read this mate

Most vials come in 10ml vials. The label will typically tell you the number of milligrams per milliliter (mg / ml). For example, a vial of Testosterone Propionate can come in a 10ml vial with 100mg / ml. That means that the entire vial contains 1000mg of the substance. If you want to inject 150mg of the substance EOD, you will inject 1.5ml.

X mg desired / (N mg / ml) = Total ml needed per injection.

For a Testosterone Propionate vial at 100 mg / ml and a user wanting 150mg E0D:

150mg / (100 mg / ml) = 1.5 ml

For a Testosterone Ethanate vial at 250 mg / ml and a user wanting 150mg E2D:

150mg / (250 mg / ml) = .6 ml

I am only taking 35 mg everyday I don’t know where 35 mg is on the syringe?

Someone please tell me where 35 mg is before I loose my mind!

I have literally just given you the formula to work it out.

So where is 35 mg dude I’m asking you! Just tell me know forumulas just tell me exactly where it is.

Settle, settle…

We need to know what the concentration of your gear is. Is it 200 mg/mL or 250 mg/mL or what?

Once we have that, we can tell you how much liquid to draw to get 35 mg. OK?

If you have 100mg/ml then its at the .35 mark or half way between .3 and .4.b0a6ffd9fb3d105627b0cbc0fdd5ef7ab0c52419_2_231x500



However, it should be noted that being able to do math like this should be a prerequisite for AAS use. OP, do yourself a favor and figure out why you should fill your syringe to 0.35 mL if you have 100 mg/mL fluid.


I’m not sure this means 100 mg/mL

He means 10ml vial @ 100mg/ml


One more question should I space my two injections out? Prop in morning e at night or one after another!

grabs popcorn


spoon fed man some of these post got me rolling

Why are you taking prop and E?

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