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How to Read Someone Like a Book


I want to be able to look into someones eyes and know what he is thinking.Iknow there are books out there on body language, voice inflection and mentalism So far from what I studied they all have good tricks to help you out, but to really eccell at reading somebody it sometimes just requires raw intelligence and confidence.

Does anyone have anything to add here? been working at it for awhile and unfortunalely all I know is that now I
have a hard time trusting people.

love to hear any advice on this subjuct (no mystycism; I'm sure yoou really can talk to your cat, just not my cup of tea)

I have probably read or at least skimmed through most books you will recommend, but bring 'em on

Thanks, WanderingA


All you had to do was ask. :smiley:

Oh, I think where they're putting their hands is a good indication.


shit ton of books reccomended on amazon.com book lists, rumored that certain government orgs have programs to teach people to be 'human lie detectors' and the such but probably just a bunch of conjecture.

imo, much easier to project into people what they should/could/will be thinking...

Its a lot easier to guide someone through a conversation than it is to sit quietly and guess whats going on in them... fuck figuring them out... change them!

an untapped resource by most for this kind of research... poker. Learn how to play and play a lot, when you can pick up people's tells you start to notice other quirks. When you get a guage on them for the truth then spotting a lie is piece of cake.

also you can just pull a Dr. Gregory House and assume that EVERYONE is lying. Thats what i do :slightly_smiling:


I have the book, "Never Be Lied To Again." But I think the author was making that shit up.



If you look into the poker stuff, the most well known books on tells come from Mike Caro. The real lesson out of poker isn't how to read peoples minds, but instead it's to take the small amount of info you get from body language and add it to the large amount you get from deductive reasoning based on the person's motivations to get the best picture of the whole. The same thing applies generally- find different coherent models of a person's underlying motivations in a situation and see how well each fit.


Study sociology?


This is easy. If it's a man, he's thinking "Would I fuck her? Yea, I think I'd give it to her hard!"

If it's a woman, she's thinking "He's a funny guy and he's got money, I wonder if I can get him to try to fuck me without him thinking I'm a whore. Let's try now..."


as it pertains to the game of poker, reading someone is over rated. the game is a game of math and probabilities. how profitable it is to make a call a bet etc based on your starting hand, board texture and what your opponent is likely to have. reading someone (if possible) is great when you can do it (because good players are deceptive), but does not trump the math.


I agree^ but for his purposes learning to read people is what he wants to do and poker is something he can do often to get practice.


He's my hero.


It's not overrated. Math will make you a solid player; reading skills make you a good one.


It is called extra sensitive perception


Extra SENSORY perception. What you wrote is why emos cut themselves.


^Actual L.O.L


I do not why some one would cut them selves, But the ESP I speak of is not some thing that only a few have. It is something everyone has but most ignore. It is partially reading body language, analyzing speech patterns and structure. In the seventies Psychology today did an article on Neuro linguistic programming. It was fascinating, the sum of it was be sensitive to people and do not make snap verdicts of a person unless it is absolutely necessary


May be that is why I question most cops Intelligence


LOLRUS! Prof. X wins @ internets!


It's not that hard once you realise that most people flat out lie or exaggerated to the point of being obvious.


The more reliable of the "reading" protocols is known as the Facial Action Coding System, or FACS.

Google it for more info, but it is used as a general guidline for a number of agencies. Interpol, the FBI, etc. Or at least so I was told during my MI6 training.


Mentalists, magicians who "Read peoples minds", do this stuff all the time... There are resources online that can tell you how to use some of their tricks and techniques, perhaps these would help.