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How to Read a Syringe


I have just started my first cycle, and I have a question about how to read the syringe. When you draw the liquid out of the syringe what line on the needle should you draw from. Should you draw up to the top black line or the lower black line on the needle. Currently if i am attempting to draw 1 ML, i will line up the top black line on the 1 ML and draw until its filled. It doesn't really make sense to me now, for i am thinking i should up the bottom line on the 1 ML mark. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated


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Step 1 - clean rubber top of bottle
Step 2 - using a larger gauge needle that you will be using to inject with, inject the amt of air INTO the bottle that you will be drawing out Step 3 - with bottle Upside down, draw the fill line with the desired number Printed ON the syringe
Step 4 - turn the bottle right side up, remove syringe, turn syringe so pin is upright, draw a little air into the syringe to get all substance out of needle
Step 5 - Change the pin! Push air from syringe until a drop comes out the top. This will make a huge difference in pain and scar tissue!


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I'm sure you are talking about the markings on the syringe barrel. The "black lines" are not so thick where you would have to worry about filling the syringe ABOVE or BELOW those lines. You are talking about a FRACTION of a cc/ml here. I know you are trying to be as perfect as you can since this is your first cycle, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. You will actually lose more oil in the Leur-Lok of the needle (that threaded part of the syringe between the needle and the barrel). So I wouldn't be too concerned about measuring above or below those lines...

...and if all else fails, measure to the CENTER of that black marking. Good luck.


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