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How to Raise Testosterone Naturally?


ha! knew it. good excuse to not go :stuck_out_tongue: jk


No idea. Especially since you have other exacerbating conditions.


im lost now


your total t is extremely high. also dont worry about cortisol. just dont stress too much. eat well, train well and sleep well. your testosterone is actually pretty amazing.


These guys are fucking with you man.

Intense weight training won’t raise cortisol levels. Long durations of steady state cardio will.


sorry didnt meant to offend anyone. i was just replying to what baum said about cortisol. i think he just meant to say to not stress much since that puts your cortisol high. i remember you saying that cardio without weights could increase cortisol by a lot? what type of cardio do you recommend? i usually do incline walking for 45 minutes at the gym


No offense taken brother and I actually was laughing to myself reading this. It just seemed like the op was getting confused so I thought I would clarify. Lol


Now keep in mind that I’m no expert, I just read a lot lol! That said, I typically keep it to 20 minutes or so after workouts or fasted in the morning. If I’m on a cutting routine, then balls to the wall, cortisol be damned, because my lifting routine will consist of glycogen depleting workouts instead of a “fail every set” style anyway. But that’s toward the very end of the cutting phase, not months at a time. We are talking like a week or so.

In general, if cortisol is elevated to the point where you’re having trouble sleeping or are having other issues, then back the cardio down and keep the alcohol at bay. Sleep is more important.

Edit to add…I think the reason @baumbodies was mentioning cortisol is because the OPs T levels are really high, and elevated cortisol along with high T can lead to more aromatased E2 I believe.


well im planning in diving the 40 minutes incline walk (its not that incline) to maybe 20 minutes two days instead of 1 day? and i do them during off days.

i truly dont know when my cortisol is high or low lol. i tested 18 normal am, but it was a blood test and not 24 hour urine.

op testosterone is extremely high as a natty and that age. i see a lot of people at that age with 800 ish. I actually saw one hit 1k. he looked young, but not sure the age.


thats what im thinking if my test is this high i have to elevated e2 levels


Man I really don’t think that if you’re doing 40 minutes of walking, once or twice a week, that you’re in any danger overdoing it!


do you suffer from any kind of high e2 symptoms? example anger gyno acne?


Intense weight training does raise cortisol, but it’s beneficial because it’s an acute stressor. Intense weight training will lower testosterone if someone is pushing the intensity or underrecovering.


so for example, if im doing let say 5/3/1 beginners (people say its easy to recover from) but im not recoverying due to high volume of compounds my t will get impacted? how much could testosterone be impacted by this?


Yes, if you’re not recovering, it will impact your T levels.


any estimation on how test could decline because of this? also how can i optimize recovery? i know sleep and eating. but something else?


its also 3 days a week hard to recover from :frowning:


How? Training stresses the body. Stress releases cortisol. So, if you’re over-stressing yourself, your cortisol will be chronically elevated. Cortisol essentially blocks the effects of testosterone.

I don’t know anything about you, your training, or your life, so I can’t make specific recommendations.


i see since im not op im not posting. not my thread but im interested in knowing if cortisol blood test am means anything really?


so not sleeping eniugh will do it i average 5-6 hrs of skeep eat around1800-2000 calories n train fir an average of 1:30 hrs 5-6 x a week im fucked