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How to Raise Testosterone Naturally?

27 years old Im within normal levels of test just got checked, but wanted to know how can I raise it naturally before jumping on gear?

You could try Nugenix. I heard it worked wonders for “The Big Hurt”!! Lmao!

Seriously though, any supps that you can find that boost LH and/or FSH would probably be your best bet.

Vit D
D-Aspartic Acid

All of these are touted to help boost natural testosterone, but I can’t speak for their effectiveness.

If you don’t mind me asking, can you define “normal”? What was the actual number and lab ranges for Total T and Free T?

Hey man thanks for responding im new here! I actually got it tested in Nov… with everything I have read on here hugher test obviously is what gives you gains… But a high test level also means I have hugh estrogen? image|230x500


First you’re welcome brother. We are all here trying to learn!

Second, your natural Total T is high, which is good, but may not mean a whole lot if your Free T is low. Do you have a number for that?

Your SHGB will determine how much of the high total is actually useful in your body. Without knowing the Free T, or your SHGB, it would be hard to say if you’re at a good level or not. I would think that a good diet and hard work would give you all of the results you need. Don’t jump on the “get my testosterone levels through the roof so I can gain as much as possible” bandwagon. Even with running cycles of Test, it’s takes a long time and hard work.

There are risks associated with starting to inject exogenous testosterone, especially if your natural levels are good. Every time you introduce exogenous testosterone, you shut down your natural production and run the risk of not being able to start it back up when you come off the cycle. The older you get, the more chance there is that you will be unsuccessful in restarting. Once you get into TRT territory, it’s a lifetime commitment.

You owe it to your self to get a full blood panel and see where you’re at all the way around, including thyroid labs. If you’re in a good place, then dial in a good diet and bust your ass. Don’t try to shortcut it. If you’re not then there are some options, ie your original post.

There are a lot of good guys on this forum and most have “been there done that”. Listen to them and post some full labs whenever you can.

Just for clarity, full labs will contain (assuming that you haven’t injected anything yet)
Free T
Total T
Reverse T3

Along with your normal chems and lipids.


Just be healthy. You’re a young guy with healthy testosterone levels, so as long as you stay healthy your hormones will be healthy too.

Eat well, lift weights, get a good night’s sleep.


I’d do as much as you can to lower cortisol.

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At 1200 you don’t have anything to worry about.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Eat, sleep, lift, repeat.

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how do i do that? I was thinking maybe do a PCT? to kill whatever extra estrogen i might have??

Keep cardio to a minimum and lay off alcohol if you drink.

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Don’t fuck with your estrogen levels.

Some of these guys have literally dropped trou and blown their balls clean off.

Don’t do that.

Edit: unless you’ve already started using steroids. In that case, by all means, fire away.


no steroids yet

Then just work hard and eat well. You’re doing great.

A friend of mine used to work with a lot of top level pro athletes. Ones you see on TV and in the Olympics. I wanted to know all of the good “secret” stuff that they do to be awesome. He told me in very plain terms “most of the time you just have to make sure you just don’t screw them up.”.

Sometimes that’s all you need to do. Don’t screw it up.

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will do man thanks for all the advice

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Stay away from testasterone boosters. There’s allot of docs and industry trt leaders who say it can zap your testasterone levels … i also read this in that trt bible book… Stay natural your a lucky guy with those levels. If you feel great ofcourse :slight_smile:

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da fuck that t is extremely high

so no weightraining since that can raise cortisol?

how can i up estrogen naturally?


ha! knew it. good excuse to not go :stuck_out_tongue: jk