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How to Raise SHBG?

I’m guessing reducing sugar consumption and increasing cardio may help. Im pretty lean but could always be leaner. I need to also lower ldl and raise hdl. Could this all be fixed through lifestyle changes?

You are on trt? Have laboratories

SHBG is one of those things you have a small degree of control over, sure diet you can increase it, but lowering it is more than likely not possible. If you look at diabetic patients, they are insulin insensitive, and have low SHBG as a result.

Sometimes high SHBG is the result of low-T.

Hey systemlord. Do you have any experience with proviron solo to lower shbg?

I actually meant to ask how to raise shbg. My shbg is 10. I was looking for answers online but all I could see were results on how to lower shbg. Guess I my brain got scrambled by the results lol

well if you do a steroid cycle when u come off im sure your sghb will be more than 10