How to Raise SHBG for Blood Test?

I’m 40 years old and was previously on TRT for 3 years. My current Dr. will only approve TRT if my Bioavailable Test is below 110. The only labs he provided me are

Albumin 4.8 g/dL
SHBG 26.75 moll

Testosterone 262
Free Testosterone 5.4 ng/dL = 2.06%
Bioavaible Testosterone 141 ng/dL = 53.7 %

I’ve been taking growth factor 9 and doing 8/16 intermittent fasting, which I believe has raised my GH level and (I think) lowered my SHBG.

I really want to get back on TRT (my libido is shit after 3 years on TRT and 6 months off.) What are some ways of temporarily raising my SHBG level?

Your doctor is stupid, your levels are at a level seen in 90 year old men! It’s unbelievable that a doctor would be alright with a Total T levels of 262, mind blowing! What kind of doctor is this?

You have more options than you know, you need to seek private care because your levels are disease state levels. The majority of doctors who take insurance are TRT ignorant.

Your Free T levels fluctuates throughout the day, so an hour after your labs Free T could be significantly lower, your doctor has no clue what he’s doing.

There are many studies showing poor sexal performance and CVD risk levels below 500 ng/dL, the majority of doctors don’t know a fracking thing about sex hormones or what constitutes an androgen deficiency. They are just following outdated guidelines and no virtually nothing which is why they chase labs numbers.

Describe the TRT protocol your doctor had you on. If it looked like 200mg every 2 weeks or some shit like, it’s no surprise libido was missing.

Give Defy Medical a call, they treat the symptoms and will approve TRT for you. They have expert hormone doctors and offer telemedicine.

Those who want competent TRT doctors likely will not find them under insurance, a lot of us are forced to go private. My TRT is prescribe by an endo and that’s about all he’s good for, I pay out of pocket privately to have a hormone specialist balance my hormones since my endo is no help.

My endo allows me to choose my own TRT dosage as long as my levels aren’t too high and work with Defy Medical to balance my hormones.

My previous TRT was 200mg test and 1 mg anastrozole per week through universal men’s clinic. This particular dr is a local urologist who (supposedly) has the only TRT program within 60 miles of me. He is letting me retake the labs in a month and even stated that by my symptoms and total T I’m a perfect candidate, just that his clinic guideline is for the bioavailable T to be below 110. I’d love to be able to use my insurance (and also not have to make 60-90 minute drives to a clinic). Any thoughts on the SHBG? I’ve read that a KETO diet may raise it?

I knew your protocol was the problem, that’s way too much testosterone for most men. The 1 mg anastrozole is insane. You should have started on something like 50mg twice weekly and you may not have even needed an AI.

These TRT clinics and Low T centers should be shut down, they typically staff idiots who don’t even know how to balance your hormones. We get people in here all the time because of these T-Mills don’t tailor TRT protocols to an individuals biomarkers.

Your SHBG is perfect, I wish mine was closer midrange like yours.

Even if this clinic gives you TRT they are TRT ignorant, Defy Medical problem solved.

I don’t have a problem with 200mg/week and a SHBG number of 26. That’s me and I was at 335 total 80 free when I started. Still on that dose over five years later with recent labs of 902 and 220. The 1mg anastrozole may be fine, but I don’t know without knowing if you’ve experienced an high E2 symptoms.

My problem is with the doctor denying you TRT (especially given your history) until your bioavailable test drops. Now, you’re left with attempting to manipulate your SHBG upward so you can drop your free test. Too bad there are no other local options and you may be forced to go with telemedicine.

Here are some thoughts:

Any liver issues? Try a liver cleanse. Thyroid optimal? Correcting that will raise SHBG. Low fat diet with fiber can increase SHBG. Coffee and green tea might raise it as well. Hope this helps. Good luck.