How to Raise GABA?

Often I have problems relax and be centered, lowest GABA even in Braverman… How to raise it?

Alcohol increases GABA.

I don’t know about other substances…

I definitely don´t want that :smiley:

I ask Christian Thibaudeau, because he is big in neurotransmiters, but mod moved my topic to this category

What is considered “low” on Braverman?

GABA is my biggest defficiency there

Have you tried taking gaba itself? Lifting, cardio, meditating, reading, walking, being in nature.


Get one scoop of GABA by nutrakey , great product ! make me feel good as fuck

For what it’s worth, through reading Coach Thibaudeau’s articles and posting some questions on his forum I discovered I’m a Neuro type 3 which coincides with lifelong anxiety and stress issues. I simply started taking a GABA supplement about a month ago, 750mg once per day along with my other supplements after my first meal and I have to say it’s been a life saver. It’s hard to describe exactly the result it gives me other than to say it dramatically takes the edge off of my anxiety and noticeably calms me. And not in a tired or sleepy way, I just feel less stressed out and more laid back. I can’t recommend it enough, as it not only has helped my training but my everyday life as well.

Have you tried L-Theanine, 300mg on an empty stomach & don’t eat for an hour after. I found it very powerful. From what I’ve read it’s not habit forming either (although anything can be to some people).

I’m reading a good book at the mo called The Mood Cure - it’s about using aminos to address mood problems. GABA, Tyrosine, Tryptophan etc depending on what the issue is.

It’s very interesting & I’ve found the recommendations to work very well

*caution - the author doesn’t understand addictive personalities & thinks nutraceuticals can fix addiction - if you are like that - anything Mood altering is usually done to excess, including nutraceuticals ! And the book is best avoided.

So do you recomend the book or it is best avoided? :smiley:

use your gaba before bed time

I’d recommend 2 books, The Mood Cure & also End Your Addiction Now.

The latter book is the best of the 2 & is also about nutraceuticals to treat mood disorders.

If someone has very bad mood disorders or a severe addictive personality, I don’t think the books are suitable or enough.

If you’re on the milder end, the recommendations could be great! In that case I’d read them, try the recommendations & see how they work for you