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How to Quit Sucking at Life



This is for all you life whiners!


Tell this guy...


And this guy....


LOL. couldn't stop laughing


And especially this one....Oh where art thou' analog_kid??


True. Na na why don't you get a job?


Hopefully Analog posts


Good stuff.


Pretty cool stuff.






Come on..everyone knows who Renton is. He's like the gay man in prison, except he's the official gay mascot of T-Nation. He'll take whatever he can get!


I remember when I first read this... it actually helped me turn my life around. Not that I was ever a true anon, but I was stuck in that "everyone is a jerk so I should act like a jerk too" mindset. Escaping that has made my life THOUSANDS of times better.


Nearly everyone who regularly posts on 4chan needs to study this.

I like the over-arching message; not everything in life is candy and unicorns, get used to it.


You are all a bunch of assholes.


Gee, never knew those Aspergers fucks were full of shit the entire time.


Asparagus makes my pee smell funny.


All the self-diagnosed ones usually are... It's a cheap excuse for social ineptness. People who actually suffer from it are obviously not being addressed here.


Who the hell has ever told someone, "Ya know what? I think I may have a mild form of autism."

The gift advice is hilarious, though. I wonder how many people have actually done something stupid like that because of this.


Renton's the bees' knees.