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How to Qualify for Nationals?


I'm new to this forum and Oly Lifting in general but how would someone qualify for "Nationals"? thanks in advance!


Simply lift the minimum qualifying total (QT) in your weight class in a USAW approved meet before the set deadlines. I don't think the 2011 Nationals QTs have been released yet, but they will be available on the USAW site when they are.


The USAW site can be confusing... here is a link to where the 2011 QT will be posted http://weightlifting.teamusa.org/resources/qualification-team-selection

Also, here is a link to the upcoming competitions in the Pacific Association (I see you're in California) You can qualify at these meets. http://www.lifttilyadie.com/PWA/10Schedule.htm

Good luck!


You can look at the qualifying totals for the past 3 years and get an idea of what the totals probably will be. Are you talking collegiate nationals or the "real" nationals?