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How to Put On Size?

I just wanna get big bro

So are those all current pics? Because there is some difference among them…

How to put on size,… simple:
(take notes everyone, you’ll never need to read another article on thow to get hooge ever again!)

1- Train hard enough in a hypertrophy based approach so that your body will have to adapt via synthesis of new muscle tissue.

2- Eat enough to cover your actual nutritional requirements; enough protein to not lose lbm with a pinch extra for good measure, enough healthy fats to support adequate hormonal levels to keep you healthy and operating at peak condition, and enough carbohydrates to fuel it all, support daily metabolic life processes, and keep those glycogen stores topped off (and showing the muscles to their best, full and round appearance)

3- Rest and recover enough so that you’re not constantly digging the same hole before your body can fill it in.

4- Lastly, give it enough TIME to actually see the (SLOW!) accumulation of a process that does not occur overnight.



TL:DR; Please link magic pill or best program.


Um, what did you weigh 6 months ago and what do you weigh now? That’s not exactly a trick question.

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6 months ago I weighed about 165 and 1 year ago I weighed 155 but currently I’m 190

Thanks for your response do you know what foods I should be eating and how often like how many calories a day and also do you think I should supplement with creatine or anything else ? And what areas of my upper body do I need to work on the most you think ?

German volume training has a lot of fans for size gains, basically a 10x10 approach.

I do the occasional GVT session for a lagging bodypart, seems to work well for me! I like the idea of doing 10x3 for some exercises sometimes too! I recently read about that, and plan on trying it soon! Its been years since I did less than 8+ reps of an exercise, I’m a big high volume high rep guy, but i really like the idea of this 10x3 to switch it up! allows for high weight and high volume!

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