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How to Push Yourself on Bench Press?


ok i am benching 62.5kg or 137.7 pounds

But i am getting to the point, its getting really hard,
how can i push my self, to go further,

this weight is probably the highest i benched in my life and growing


Are you following a program? If yes, which one? If not...choose a beginner program and follow it to the T.
Check your technique: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/dave_tates_sixweek_bench_press_cure


i am following the strong lifts programs


For the 5x5 program just add 5 pounds to the bar every week. The extra weight will FORCE you to go further. Just try your hardest to squeeze out 5 reps no matter what.

Watch Pumping Iron for some motivation.



...And, if you don't have a copy of "Pumping Iron" you can always watch Ronnie Coleman videos on YouTube.


Last time I checked the entire Pumping Iron movie was on YouTube in segments.

The drive to push harder comes from the inside, but inspiration like that can throw a few coals on the fire.


I know exactly what you're talking about, and it's why I didn't really improving my bench and squat for a while. You just have to lift heavier than you think you can. The weight won't feel lighter if you stick at it. You need to push past, even if you don't think you can.


Hard is good, keep at it.
If you can, try adding chains or Flex Bands to your lifts, I've found these to make a real difference in blowing past sticking points


I think that's a damn good idea! so when you add them you may not think of them as adding 'weight' but to do it again without would feel lighter, good advice mate


Are you eating enough? Sleeping enough? How are your other lifts going? What are your stats? How's your form on benching? Are you breathing properly. For me the three biggest factors for progressing on bench are Diet, Breathing, and the arch. Make sure as you bring the bar to your chest you're inhaling in a controlled manner, and on the press up you're exhaling in the same way, controlled.


Breating depends on the type of lift he's doing. Advice is sound for repetition effort and dynamic effort lifts provided by controlled breath you mean a short, sharp exhallation, keeping some air in the tank just in case you start struggling with a rep (the extra air may come in handy). A short sharp exhallation because every lift you do you should be putting in the same effort you would for a Max Effort attempt ... known as compensatory acceleration. A slow exhallation will hinder the amount of force you can put into a lift.
For actual maximum effort lifts you need to learn to breath using your stomach and hold your air during your lift. This will help maintain stability of your body position during the lift. Exhalling can cause your body position to change position negatively effecting stability at a time when you need all the stability you can get


Bench without a spotter? The will to not die might help your lifts.


My trick with floor press.



Alright ... firstly this kid's benching 140lbs. He's a newb. These advanced technique suggestions should be saved for when he's done making newb gains. Honestly it sounds like it's psychological. It's the most weight he's ever done.

I've like that Lanky Motherfucker's advice and Accipters. I mean do you all really think he's ready for bands and chains? Come on now. Breathing techniques? Seriously? Let him start benching his body weight first.

It'll take hard work kid. Plain and simple. Keep at it, improve your diet if need be. Work your supplement muscles. Get rest. Stay focused. Period.


I used to have the same problem the key for me was to get a spotter. So I could push myself and know if I pushed it to hard and failed a lift I had help. You are a beginner so you should make gains fast. Just like they said always try to add a little more weight to the bar. Then mess with your set/rep ranges.