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How to Properly Balance Diet?

2400-2500 calories diet - Body fat loss
Lifting heavy

Current Protein/carbs/fats i get is
232.3 Proteins (more than 2g per kg)
145.25 Carbs
118.7 Fats

How should I balance that properly.
How much protein I need if Im trying to maintain/gain muscle?
How much carbs and whats best source of it (currently it’s mostly fruits, oatmeal, 50g of brown toast…)?
How much fats (current are from eggs, almond, minced cheese, avokado)?
Carbs before or after training?

So I think I have a bit to much proteins here, a bit to much fat and maybe to low carbs? But for fat loss I believe low carbs is fine? If Im low carbs I gotta get more fats to meet calories requirement?
Thanks for answer in advance