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How to Program Rack Pulls?

Hi CT,

How do you recommend programming Rack Pulls (just below the Knee) for Upper back Hypertrophy ? I feel just like dead lifts they can cause tremendous stress on the nervous system and it would be better to not to take them to failure. Right now my plan is to do them twice a week and 4 set/ workout.

Set 1 : Warm Up : 75% of 1 PR / 8 Reps.
Set 2 : 75% of 1 PR / 12 Reps.
Set 3 : 85% of 1 PR / 6 Reps.
Set 4 : 85% of 1 PR / 6 Reps.

Is it a sane approach for Hypertrophy or would you recommend to go to failure ?


I would not go to failure on any exercises where there is a lot of axial loading (loading of the spine), including rack pulls.

Thanks CT. Is the above set plan a sane plan for Hypertrophy or you would plan differently ?