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How to produce more Melanin?

I am headed off to Aruba in a few weeks and I’m trying to head off potential sunburns. I don’t tend to tan as well as I used to - I used to turn brown but now I tend to turn red and burn more easily. Is there a way to nutritionally increase my melanin production? Could ephedra or any other supplements be working against me on this?

Don’t know about what you can do nutrionally, but when I’m going to a sun destination, I pre-tan in a sun bed to get my skin. This seems to help get the skin used to the sun and reduce the potential for burns. My skin tone is pretty fair.

I would think using some Tyrosine would help you produce more melanin and more efficiently. Tyrosine is a precursor for melanin, so it seems logical, but i am not completly sure how much of a doasge you would need for you to really see and feel the effects. Hopefully someone else will chime in on the matter. Good luck


Tyrosine, it’s in MD6 and I had the best tan and most resistance to burning when I took it last summer.

There is a skin bacteria which destroys pigment. A freind had to apply cream from the doctor to kill it. No biggie. Symptoms were itching & uneven pigment. ??