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How to Proceedoceed with Diet?


Hello guys, my name is Semi and I have my “first real diet” (at least i try to). First time i track caloeris for longer than 1 week^^ I am training now since 6 years, but i never tracked how much i ate, so i think it is too less cause i still look small (in my opinion)

I started in winter with a bulking phase, a really unclean and uncounted time… i gained from christmas till march about 15 kg (started with 85kg and at the end i had 100kg)
In this phase the main nutrient was carbs/sugar… I didnt check how much proteins or something. maybe stupid, but well i was really strong in this time

Since 2 month I am on diet.
i started with 2500kcal (which is too less, I know, I should started higher, but it was too late when i heard that!)
Since i started i lost about 9 kg. I am now at 91kg.
I didnt lose any strength … actually i got a lot stronger than I was in this bulking time. I think this is cause of the correct nutrients i am eating.

My diet started with that values and is still the same
200g protein - 800kcal (about 120g of it is protein poweder form myprotein , whey, casein and milk protein)
200g carbs - 800kcal (rice, and beans peas and vegetable)
100g fat - 900kcal (mainly peanuts, olive oil, parmesan and coconut oil from cooking)

So i lost a huge amount of fat and water. but now there is still the fat around the lower abs and the love handles.

My workout is following
I do push pull legs - try to hit everything 2 times and i take about 2:30 for 1 workout (not pure work… cause i talk a lot :P)
And no till now I do no cardio :slight_smile: 3-5 sets of heavy 8-12 reps

I dont know how but i will give you some picutres that you see what my progress till now. (dont know where i can add them)

If you need more information for helping me with my question please ask:

So the question is should i still keep the same nutrients ratio or should i change something to achieve better results ?

Thank you in advance and sorry for my english if you find some mistakes :slight_smile:

Best wishes



One thing I would need is to see your exact meals, how you’re setting up your nutrient timing. Are you taking in carbs at the right times to utilize them around your workouts. Your fats are too high as well. I’d bump your protein up to 250g, Carbs can stay the same for now, and fat down to 60g. I’d start to implement LISS cardio, for example, incline walk on the treadmill 3x/week to start off. You can do it fasted or post workout, take ten minutes to get heart rate between 130-150 and one target HR is achieved, perform cardio for 30 minutes.


Hey man first at all thx for the answer!

ok my meals

7:00 First is Milk protein smooth (mix of whey and casein) 50g + ml 3% fat milk
9:00 50g peanuts
11:00 lunchtime at work

  • normally i go for 200g cooked rice, 220g chicken and 300g mixed frozen vegetables
  • Since 1 week now i changed and eat just now 150g tuna with a mixed salat with a lot of lentils and beans and green salat, add some olive oil and two boiled eggs ( i guess around 300g of lentils and 200g of beans and rest i dont know)
    Sometimes i cannot eat that stuff at once so i finish it around 1 hour later.

Than at around 15:00 i take a casein shake (50g)
go for training at around 16:00 sometimes later and drink my whey shake with water (50g)
for my workout i am usually there around 2 hours and 30 minutes and now also since 1 week i add 10 minutes of HIIT or 15 min of LISS as you said with the incline walk.

At around 20-21 i usually eat scrambled eggs made of 3 eggs add cheese and parmesan

THats actually it . i dont know about the timing and i dont know if it is right to get so much protein from shakes, but this is cheap and i have not that much money cause i am student :smiley:

PS: all the protein i get is from myprotein

Thx for your help mate !:slight_smile:


A picture would be good for reference, but I’d rearrange what you’re eating, and cut out one of the protein shakes you’re consuming.

I’d half what you eat for lunch, use the remaining half to switch with the breakfast shake.

So something like this

Meal 1: actual solid food
Meal 2 : snack (peanuts or whatever you have on hand)
Lunchtime : actual solid food
Meal 2: if you’re still hungry then another snack, or any leftovers from lunch you didn’t finish
Pre/Intra workout: whichever protein blend you choose
Post workout: shave off the majority of carbs and fat, and keep mostly protein.

The amount of shakes you’re consuming is a bit much. I understand how cheap they are, and they last for quite a bit, but they also have the tendency to make you put on fat quickly, espeacially if you’re eating full on meals with the shakes.