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How to Proceed from Here During/After PCT?


I need help. I was on test-e for 2 years and came off to try PCT and see if I could restore some natural production.

I began PCT two weeks after my last Test-e injection. I found out very quickly that my body and mental state can not handle more than 25mg Clomid and 20mg Nolva per day. Just not going to happen.

I tried 50/50/ and 40/40 Clomid and Nolva respectively for the first two weeks of PCT and I could almost not move. Borderline comatose.

I dropped the mgs down to 25 clomid ed and 20mg nolva ed and it became well, tolerable.

I have been doing this for 5 weeks now. I still feel pretty bad.
Knowing my limitations with dosing of clomid and nolva, at this point can I use Hcg alone as an option to get natural testosterone and hormones to normalize, or will this only add to the problem?

I have read that HCG can be used to get natural production back up and running, and I have also read that it can shutdown your natural test production.

Anybody have some sound advice on how to proceed from here?

I am 35 yo male. Possibility of having a kid was the reason for getting off.

Did you have a sperm count done? You may not need to ‘come off’ to have children. You need to continue the Serms for awhile as you should have waiting closer to (4) weeks for the test to clear before starting the PCT. HCG could have been used before the Serm process but not during. I will say to stay the course. Its never fun coming off.