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How to print 101?

I just got a hp deskjet 845c to print all these lovely articles at t-mag and I can’t get a fucking page right. It comes out with everything but the writing of the article. Will it not print because of the black backround and white letters, or is my printer ghetto? Please help.

First, check the bottom of the article. Look for text version, click there and the hit the print botton on your tool bar.
For the older articles (one without the text version) highlight the article. Hit control and C (this will copy the highlighted materials). Open a new word document and paste the materials there. Now you can use word to rearrange the text and pictures to your liking. Then print as you would normally from word.

Save the article to My Documents as a text file, then go into My documents and print from there. That has always been the best way for me to print the articles. Good luck!