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How to Prevent Tren Sides?


Anything you guys now of to prevent Tren cough, night sweats, or insomnia?


man, I would LOVE to know how to prevent tren cough.


Only way I’ve ever found is to shoot it after masteron in the same syringe.


Did that affect the “mental” sides"?


Not very inspiring :cry: got anastrozle for E caber for the D…letro for emergency but not really looking forward to cough, no sleep, other shit…but got a buncha tren & winny so no painz no gainz i guess :smiling_imp:


Na. To be honest I never really had them at reasonable dosage.


do you consider 50-75ML eod reasonable ? Did you have meat sweats and insomnia?


That’s super reasonable. I love 50 mg eod. Never any bad sides


cool I’m gonna combo 50mg eod with 100 test prop & 50 winny… If I can tolerate it well I may bump to 75-100
My goal is to be ripped huuuge and destroy a 26 yr old Asian girl with fake boobs uterus


Lol enjoy yourself :slight_smile:


Low test + high tren = little to no Tren sides.

Thank me later.



I thought the Test was supposed to be higher than the tren to prevent stuff?? Took first shot of it today at just .25 with 100 test prop… Shit came on hard & fast like snorting a line of colombian bam bam
I noticed imediatly high heart rate and some blurred vision… I read thats kinda normal… Glad I started with just .25 & not .75 or 100


Hey was talking to my gym bro he said better gainz on tren ace Ed Vs EOD & less sides
But if running with prop why not just do prop & tren ed…lots of pins but better results less sides…
I’ve always done prop EOD cuz of the burn but tren don’t burn…I can easily bang it anywhere